When and Who Should Not Drink Tea With Lemon: Unusual Information About The Popular Drink

Tea with lemon – it would seem that a few hot drinks are simpler and more popular than this one. But, experts say, not everyone can drink lemon tea.

When not to drink tea with lemon

This drink should not be consumed if a person has problems with the mucous membrane. It is especially dangerous for those who have been diagnosed with gastritis. That is why gastroenterologists recommend drinking tea with milk, honey, or herbs instead of tea with lemon during the next exacerbation of gastritis.

Tea with lemon for colds – here it should be said right away that many people make a big mistake when they drink liters of such tea with SARS. But this method usually does not work well. In fact, liters of tea with lemon can quickly lead to a disorder of the nervous system (with insomnia, fatigue, and drowsiness), in which it is very difficult to fall asleep. The tea substance tannin and vitamin C, which are found in lemon in huge quantities, are included in the list of foods that enhance brain function and also help improve blood flow.

But, experts say, lemon tea hits tooth enamel the hardest. In general, researchers recommend drinking a maximum of 3-4 cups of this drink per day (maximum – of 6).

Since this tea can cause insomnia, it should not be drunk by women who are breastfeeding. Tannin will not let the child fall asleep either. And during pregnancy, women are not recommended to drink more than 2 cups of this tea per day.

And it is logical that tea with lemon is categorically not recommended for those who are allergic to citrus fruits. By the way, neither tea, in turn, reduces the effects of citric acid, nor lemon reduces the strength of the tea. Therefore, you should not hope that tea and lemon will neutralize each other during stirring.

How tea with lemon affects blood pressure

Strong black tea without lemon has a direct effect on blood pressure. Due to the presence of caffeine, which the body receives with tea, it gradually increases. And lemon can neutralize the caffeine content by about 10 to 20% and weaken the effect of the substance on the walls of blood vessels. Naturally, the drink will not replace high blood pressure medication, but people suffering from hypertension can drink it safely.

It should also be noted here that it is recommended to add lemon to tea only after the drink has cooled down a bit – to about 60 degrees Celsius. This will preserve all the beneficial properties of the citrus. Its elements help to normalize blood circulation, promote blood thinning, and eliminate stagnation.

How to make lemon tea correctly

The recipe is simple:

  • Boil water;
  • Pour one or two tablespoons of brewed tea into a kettle and cover it with hot boiled water (but not boiling water at 100 degrees Celsius);
  • If the tea is black, then let it stand for five minutes, and 2-3 minutes will be enough for green tea;
  • When the drink has infused and cooled slightly, gently put one or two lemon slices. Then immediately pour hot water over the slices at the same time as the tea brew is not recommended since vitamin C in lemon loses its healing properties at high temperatures;
  • Add sugar or other sweeteners (to taste).
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Written by Emma Miller

I am a registered dietitian nutritionist and own a private nutrition practice, where I provide one-on-one nutritional counseling to patients. I specialize in chronic disease prevention/ management, vegan/ vegetarian nutrition, pre-natal/ postpartum nutrition, wellness coaching, medical nutrition therapy, and weight management.

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