Which Herbs Go Together? The Table & Information At A Glance

Many dishes include fresh herbs. And you can plant them wonderfully in the garden, on the balcony, or in the kitchen. But not everything is compatible. Which herbs go together? The information and an overview are in the table.

Which herbs are compatible?

How nice is that: You cook a delicious meal and refine it with fresh herbs that you have grown at home. But whether in a herb bed, window box, or pot: When planting, you have to bear in mind that not all plants like each other. This raises the question: Which herbs go together – which herbs can you plant next to each other? The overview.

Which herbs can you plant together?

Various criteria are decisive for this, for example:

  • The herbs have the same preference for location – sunny and dry or (semi)shaded and rather humid.
  • They complement each other, for example when one plant protects the neighboring plant from pests with its scent or releases substances into the soil that acts against fungi and bacteria.
  • Herbs have different nutritional needs, so they don’t take away from each other.
  • Plant annual varieties together – biennials or perennials don’t like a constant change next door.

It is therefore important to know the needs and properties of the herbs exactly.

Which herbs go well together in herb beds, raised beds, balcony boxes, etc.?

In principle, the same rules apply as mentioned above. Above all, location requirements, moisture requirements, and annual or perennial are decisive. Plants in the herb bed need to be watered less often because the roots can spread further. Potted herbs should be watered more often.

The closer the herbs come to each other – like in the window box or the flower pot – the more important it is whether they get along. This also applies to Mediterranean and non-hardy herbs in winter: they have to be planted in tubs or pots during the cold season and therefore have to be cared for differently. But which herbs go well together?

Can you plant chives and parsley together?

The experts don’t agree with that. Some say chives produce an acid that is unfavorable for parsley growth. Others think the two popular herbs go well together. To be on the safe side, it is therefore advisable not to plant chives and parsley in the same pot and leave some space between the two in the bed.

So which herbs go well together? Whether the neighbors are good or bad depends above all on the location requirements and whether they are annual or perennial.

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