How to Dress for a Tea Party

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What kind of clothes do you wear to a tea party?

A dress or skirt is always a good choice for high tea. If you’re wearing a dress or skirt, make sure it is at least knee-length. A blouse or lightweight sweater is an excellent choice to wear with a skirt. Pants or trousers can be worn to high tea, just avoid denim, leggings, and overly casual pant styles.

What do girls wear to a tea party?

Customarily, traditional tea party attire is semi-formal. Usually, women attending tea wear fascinator hats, a dress, wrist length gloves, and bright colors. Traditionally, black is the one color that is not appropriate to wear to a tea party.

What do you wear to a winter tea party?

If you’re going to wear a dress or skirt, make sure it’s knee-length. Wear a blouse or a lightweight sweater with a skirt to create a stunning ensemble. Jeans, leggings, and overly casual pant styles, on the other hand, should be avoided if you want to wear pants or trousers to a high tea party.

What should you not do at a tea party?

  • Don’t show up in sportswear, sweats, or sneakers.
  • Don’t stir your tea like you’re beating cake mix.
  • Don’t leave your spoon in the cup after you stir it.
  • Don’t forget to use the strainer.
  • Don’t add the milk first.
  • Don’t dunk your biscuits or scones.
  • Don’t lift your pinky.
  • Don’t add milk to white or green tea.

Can you wear a long dress to a tea party?

If you have a strapless summer maxi dress that looks lovely, is a great shade and fits just right, but you’re concerned about going without sleeves or straps, you could always pair the dress with a matching cardigan.

What is a tea dress style?

A tea dress or tea gown in it’s simplest term is a dress that is comfortable to host or have tea in. Characterised by unstructured lines and light-weight fabrics. They gained popularity in the mid-20th century, a European development influenced by Asian clothing such as the Japanese kimono.

Can you wear black to a tea party?

The customary attire for men and women attending a tea is semi-formal. Often ladies sport hats, gloves and brightly colored suits and dresses. Black is never appropriate for a tea party. It is okay for a lady to wear her hat at the table; however, gloves should be removed before the tea service begins.

What is high tea etiquette?

One must eat the sandwiches first, and with fingers not cutlery. Then the scones – they should still be warm. Scones should be broken in 2 by hand, not with a knife, and each half eaten separately. It’s unthinkable to sandwich them back together!

Can you wear pants to high tea?

Yes, pants are definitely an option, although your hosts love to see guests dress for the occasion, so choose a chic pant suit or even a floral jumpsuit over the denim.

Can you wear black for high tea?

Black is a completely acceptable option for high tea styling.

What’s the difference between afternoon tea and high tea?

Delectable scones, tea sandwiches, and cakes are the hallmark of an afternoon tea, which is served in midafternoon. A high tea, however, includes much more substantive fare, such as meat, fish, and egg dishes, as well as breads and desserts, and is offered in the early evening.

Do you have to dress up for high tea?

Usually, the attire requested for guests to adhere to for afternoon tea is ‘smart casual’. This will generally mean no sports-branded trainers, t-shirts, shorts, or sportswear. A typical outfit for afternoon tea for men would include smart trousers and shoes, with a shirt.

What kind of shoes do you wear for afternoon tea?

For high tea, skip the sneakers and instead opt for classic ballet flats. If you love heels, forgo stilettos and go with a stacked style instead. Pretty sandals also work quite well and flatter a wide variety of outfits.

Can you wear jeans to afternoon tea?

Most venues have a relaxed ‘smart casual’ dress code these days, so there is no need for men to wear a jacket and tie (unless otherwise specified) – trousers or smart jeans, collared shirt and clean/un-scuffed shoes are acceptable. No sportswear or trainers (sneakers).

What do you wear to afternoon tea in England?

Men don’t need to wear a jacket, tie and shoes – unless of course it is specified – just steer clear of trainers and caps. Most gentlemen instead prefer to wear a collared shirt and smart jeans or trousers. It’s also important to wear clean shoes. Ladies on the other hand may prefer to dress up a little bit.

What happens at a tea party?

Originally, in a tea party, loose leaf tea was provided in a teapot along with milk and sugar. Variety of food including sandwiches, scones, cakes, pastries and biscuits were served alongside tea in a tiered arrangement. Food served in tea parties was according to a particular season.

What is a tea party hat called?

The Fascinator.. it’s vintage classiness lives on. A fascinator is a headpiece, a style of millinery. Fascinators were originally a type of lightweight knitted head-covering.

What are the 3 main foods served at an afternoon tea?

There aren’t any rules when it comes to the food, but a standard afternoon tea comprises a tier of sandwiches, a tier of cakes and one of scones or teacakes. However, you could also throw in pastries, petits-fours or biscuits.

Why do you put your pinky out when drinking tea?

That’s actually rude and connotes elitism. It comes from the fact that cultured people would eat their tea goodies with three fingers and commoners would hold the treats with all five fingers. Thus was born the misguided belief that one should raise their pinky finger to show they were cultured.

Are you supposed to eat everything at afternoon tea?

The correct order to enjoy the food that accompanies afternoon tea is savory to sweet: sandwiches first, then scones, and sweets last. You can use your fingers to eat all three courses. To eat a scone, you simply break it in half with your fingers.

Do men go to tea parties?

Tea parties are often stereotyped as women’s events, but there is no reason men can’t attend or host a tea party. However, if you do host a mixed-company tea party, it is probably wise to avoid overdosing on frills like lace doilies, chintz chair cushions and finger sandwiches cut in the shape of fluffy bunnies.

How many items should be in an afternoon tea?

Usually consisting of a selection of teas, freshly prepared finger sandwiches, scones, cakes and pastries with all the trimmings, a light Afternoon Tea should allow for 4 sandwiches, 2 scones and 2 cakes (of different varieties) per person.

Should you stir your tea?

Under no circumstances must you stir tea in a circular motion! The ‘proper’ way to stir is to place the spoon at a 12 o’clock position in the cup and softly fold the liquid back and forth 2-3 times to the 6 o’clock position, and never ever leave the tea spoon in the cup.

How much do you tip at high tea?

And certainly, do not smoke, as the tobacco will ruin the aroma of the other guests’ tea. If you received good service, please tip generously. A minimum gratuity should be 15% to 20%. If you had special requests or were a group of six or more people, a 20% gratuity would be in order.

Can you wear a jumpsuit to a tea party?

So yes, it is ok not to wear one. Just remember to keep your look elegant and do take the time to dress up. Choose styles in quality fabrics with feminine silhouettes like the Diane Von Furstenberg Blithe Jumpsuit and avoid anything too short, low cut or with too many cut outs.

Do men go to high tea?

Historically, afternoon tea was considered to be a ladies’ social occasion, and it is more often enjoyed by women than men to this day.

What time is high tea?

Between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. Its origins can be found in the lower classes, who compensated for the lack of a lunch break in their workdays by taking tea — along with cold cuts, cheeses, pies and hearty hot dishes — immediately after work. Today, high tea is generally taken between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m.

What type of dress standards are evident at a high tea?

While most high tea events don’t have a specific dress code, take our advice and skip the work attire and anything more suited to a nightclub or bar. Instead, this dainty social occasion is the perfect excuse to pop on a dress or swishy skirt and top. The aim is to look pretty, polished and relaxed.

What is tea length for a dress?

In general, the hem of a tea-length dress typically stops right above the ankle, making it ideal for formal and black-tie optional events. However, some silhouettes may stop 2 to 3 inches above the ankle, which is more appropriate for a casual dress code.

Do you wear a hat to an indoor tea party?

Many women wear an elegant hat at a garden-style tea party. In most cases, hats aren’t worn at the table for indoor afternoon tea parties, though you can wear the hat for pictures beforehand if you’d like.

What should I wear for afternoon tea at the Savoy?

Please wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and elegant.

Can you wear trainers to the Savoy for afternoon tea?

Yep jeans are fine. Just don’t wear trainers!

Can I wear jeans to afternoon tea at the Savoy?

The dress code is smart casual and while smart jeans are allowed, we recommend going for a perennially chic monochrome look of a classic boucle jacket and cream trousers.

What do ladies do at a tea party?

Along with purchasing several flavors of teas and making some finger foods, organize some games to help make your guests feel at ease and keep the conversation rolling. Board games, croquet, cards and badminton are fine ideas for a ladies’ tea party, but you can also plan some games they may have never played before.

Who pours the tea at a tea party?

Normally, the most senior party at the table will offer to pour the tea once it arrives. Etiquette dictates that only one person should handle the teapot, so make sure you know who that is. The teapot can be both hot and heavy, so if you’re the one pouring make sure you do it very carefully.

Do you bring a gift to a tea party?

A hostess gift isn’t generally expected for a tea party, but if you choose to bring one, keep it simple. The hostess will appreciate some flavored loose tea, a new tea ball, or a candle. Wrap it or place it in a gift bag and hand it to her as soon as you arrive.

What can I expect at a tea party?

At the tea party, you will see light foods such as finger sandwiches, petit fours, macaroons, and scones. However, it’s good manners to show restraint and not wolf down any food. Tea party food is light enough so you can hold a conversation while enjoying a small snack to tide you over until dinner.

What time should a tea party start?

Traditionally, a tea party is held anytime in the afternoon. It is typically held around noon (11:30 AM to 12:30 PM), or afternoon (3:00 PM to 4:00 PM). Really, anytime is good for a tea party. A tea party is even okay late at night after dinner.

Why it is called high tea?

The phrase ‘high tea’ started to be used to describe a working-class meal served at a high table and high back dining chairs at the end of a long workday. The tea would be accompanied by a hot meal. This could be a meat or fish dish or baked food or vegetables.

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