Whole Milk or Low-Fat Milk: It Really is Better

Whole Milk or Skimmed Milk: Which is Really Better?

A new study of young children finally does away with the clichés and prejudices. The pediatrician Jonathan Maguire and his team examined the effects of whole milk and low-fat milk in small children and came to a surprising but clear result:

  • The research group tested different types of milk with different fat percentages.
  • Children who regularly drank whole milk had an average body mass index of 0.72 lower than those who drank low-fat milk when tested.
  • This led to the assumption that whole milk would make children full and that they would therefore no longer reach for other filling and mostly fatty foods.
  • Low-fat milk, on the other hand, did not have a satiating effect on the children and they increasingly turned to other, unhealthy foods.
  • In conclusion, the study was able to determine that low-fat milk generally makes you fatter than whole milk.
  • Furthermore, whole milk is rich in vitamin D – which primarily strengthens the bones and supports healthy muscle building.

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