Women Eat Differently, Men Too

Women love chocolate, men love sausage – is it purely a matter of taste or biology? Praxisvita has compiled fascinating research results on the eating habits of men and women for you.

Nippon Medical College, Japan. Groups of 30 women and 30 men – all high-grade infarct candidates – undergo a special “heart” diet. And it consists of a diet with high-dose plant substances (flavonoids), which contains green tea in particular. Four weeks later, astonishing differences can be seen: The men’s cholesterol levels have normalized – the risk of vascular calcification has fallen by 50 percent. And among the women? The positive effects are missing here. They complain about another problem: sleep disorders.

Why food is a gender issue

Nutrition researchers come to the conclusion that men and women do not go together – at least as far as the menu is concerned. Because the gap between the female and male metabolic processes is far greater than previously assumed. In practice, this means that what is valuable for the female body does not have to be the ultimate for the male – and vice versa. This is a point that can be of enormous importance, especially with the metabolism, which is already slowed down in winter. “Men and women are completely different in terms of nutritional physiology,” confirms the Canadian scientist Mark A. Tarnopolsky. Here are two examples: Green tea lowers the cholesterol level in men. The Asian national drink works wonders – especially for men. flavonoids) particularly well. Amazing: women do not benefit from this effect. Worse still: the tannins in tea – so-called tannins – interfere with iron absorption. Women run the risk of the already sparsely filled iron stores being emptied more quickly. An acute deficiency strikes and manifests itself in irritability, nervousness, and insomnia.

The “gendered” menu?

Fried potatoes make women old. Sounds strange, but it’s actually true: anti-aging researchers therefore urgently advise women not to eat pretzels, coffee, cola, and fried potatoes. Background: brown foods and everything that is baked, roasted, or fried contain so-called AGEs ( advanced glycation end products). These compounds of sugar and protein cause the collagen in the connective tissue to harden – women’s skin that is lacking in moisture develops wrinkles more quickly. Men are almost immune to this aging effect.

“We have to rethink radically,” says expert Mark A. Tarnopolsky. In the interest of health, he calls for a gender-specific diet so that deficiency symptoms can be corrected in a more targeted manner. Vitamins in particular play a special role and have a positive effect on men and women in different ways. The nutrition expert Dr. Jörg Zittlau: “Some vitamins even have gender preferences in terms of their protective function against arteriosclerosis and heart attacks.” Finnish scientists confirm this small difference between the sexes. They discovered, for example, that the combination of vitamins E and C in men has a preventative effect against dangerous calcifications in the blood vessels – but this protective effect does not occur in women.

Five nutrition tips for women

  1. Why Oranges Promote Wrinkles in Women: Oranges make women over 30 looks old. Large amounts of fructose disrupt female sebum and collagen production. The receipt: wrinkling! Tip: Drink 2.5 liters of water daily. It serves as a filler and support substance for cells and tissue – and slows down premature aging processes.
  2. Why Chocolate Makes Women Fat: Women experience cravings 30 minutes after eating chocolate. The explanation: The simple sugar from the chocolate bar causes the blood sugar level to rise quickly – and then immediately drop again. Tip: eat vanilla chocolate. According to a study, the scent of vanilla has a direct effect on the brain and stops the craving for sweets.
  3. Why soy cleans the vessels in women: Studies show that soy products have a beneficial effect on the lipid metabolism in the blood in women. Just 40 grams of soy protein (e.g. found in a glass of soy milk) per day lowers harmful LDL cholesterol. Tip: You can strengthen the vascular protection effect with endurance sports. Dose: 30 minutes three times a week.
  4. Why Cereal Breaks Women’s Bones: When women overdo it with cereal, they promote bone loss. Because: phytic acid inhibits calcium absorption – the bone substance of women becomes brittle. Tip: Sunflower seeds in muesli. The magnesium bomb stops the harmful effect – and even indirectly increases the absorption of calcium in the intestine.
  5. Why spinach robs women of their concentration: No iron bomb! Spinach contains a lot of oxalic acids – and this is considered one of the worst iron robbers. In any case, women are particularly susceptible to iron deficiency due to menstruation. Consequence: loss of performance plus lack of concentration. Tip: Lemon juice with spinach – because vitamin C compensates for the loss of iron.

Five nutrition tips for men

  1. Why oranges protect men from the common cold: Men benefit immensely from the anti-cold vitamin C in oranges. This is because they consume more vitamin C than women due to their hormonal balance. Tip: combine oranges with nuts. The vitamins C (orange) and E (nut) reinforce each other – atop cold protection!
  2. Why men lose pounds with chocolate: Somehow unfair: Chocolate has a weight-loss effect on men. Explanation: Large amounts of simple sugars act like an appetite suppressant for “him”.
  3. He produces appetite-suppressing substances (catecholamines). Tip: it is best to eat chili chocolate (candy shop). Chili also stimulates fat metabolism.
  4. Why soy interferes with male fertility: Soy products may play a role in male infertility, a British study finds. The phytoestrogens in soy have been linked to poor sperm quality. Tip: Vitamin B12 increases fertility in men. Top Sources: Eggs, Salmon, Cheese.
  5. Why licorice makes men tired: Studies show: The glycyrrhizic acid in licorice lowers testosterone levels in men. And that can have a negative impact on energy and muscle strength. Tip: eat a few nuts with the licorice. The explanation: The zinc in nuts boosts power hormones – and provides the extra drive.
  6. Why a sausage makes men aggressive: Previously underestimated: Sausage products contain a lot of questionable additives (E 338 to 341) – and these are discussed in connection with restlessness and aggressiveness. The male brain metabolism seems to be particularly susceptible to these “pollutants”. Tip: Eat fish. Its tryptophan gives nerve strength.
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