These Foods Wake Us Up From Hibernation

When nature wakes up in spring, people are often dog-tired. But don’t panic: Spring fatigue is not an illness, but simply a problem in our body’s adjustment. When the temperature rises, our hormonal balance changes and our blood pressure drops, which makes us sluggish. Fortunately, these delicious pick-me-ups can quickly counteract this!

Ginger heats up the body

The constant temperature fluctuations of spring throw our circulation upside down. The result: we often feel tired, listless, and shiver easily. The pungent substances in ginger provide a quick remedy. They stimulate the heat receptors in the stomach, providing new energy and gently heating up the body from the inside. At the same time, spiciness strengthens our immune system and protects us from colds and the like. Tip: Grate a five-cent piece of the root over your muesli or drink a large cup of ginger tea in the morning.

Dandelion for the line

The desired bikini figure is stubbornly hidden under the winter fat? The best way to quickly burn off extra pounds is a fresh dandelion salad after a meal. The bitter substances in the leaves stimulate the metabolism of the liver and bile, thus accelerating the digestion of fat and letting the kilos tumble off quickly. A fresh cup of tea also conjures up a slim figure. The recipe: Pour hot water over one or two large dandelion leaves, let stand for ten minutes, then strain. Drink three cups a day.

Detox cure with wild garlic

Wild garlic is not only superior to its “brother” garlic in terms of taste, but also as a fitness booster: Its numerous healthy ingredients have a detoxifying, invigorating effect and give our body new strength. The cure: eat fresh wild garlic (grocery store) every day for two to three weeks. It tastes delicious in a salad, as a soup herb, in herb quark – or simply chopped up on bread.

Tomato smoothes the skin

The dry, heated air of the winter months has left its mark: the result is small wrinkles around the eyes, rough lips, and sagging tissue. Better than any moisturizer, tomatoes can repair this skin damage. The free-radical scavenger, so-called lycopene, loosens encrustations in the tissue and gives it a firm structure. Daily beauty dose: three tomatoes or two glasses of tomato juice.

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