Agave Syrup: The Sugar Substitute Is So Good And Healthy

If you want to eat healthily, try to avoid sugar as much as possible. Many are therefore looking for a sugar substitute that is as healthy as possible โ€“ is agave syrup a good choice for this?

Agave nectar, a possible sugar substitute, consists mainly of fructose. Diabetics can also consume it in moderation.
The syrup is a natural product obtained from the sap of the agave.
The long transport route of agave syrup is a clear minus point.
Sugar is high in calories and quite unhealthy in large amounts. Therefore, those who pay attention to a healthy diet should reduce sugar. To sweeten food, agave syrup instead of sugar, for example, is a good idea, but is it actually healthier?

What is agave nectar?

Agave syrup or agave syrup is obtained from the juice of the agave plants and is therefore a natural product, just like maple syrup. Mainly agave juice is made in Mexico. The Aztecs are said to have used agave syrup.

The inner core is removed before the agave blooms. The agave plant must have grown for at least eight years. From the resulting hole, agave juice can now be taken daily for several months. By filtering and heating, the juice is thickened into a syrupy thick juice. Agave nectar is slightly thinner than honey and can vary in color. The darker the thick juice, the more intense the caramel-like taste.

Agave Syrup: The darker the color, the more intense the flavor

Agave nectar can be almost clear, amber in color, or almost dark brown. The clear syrup has a more neutral flavor, the amber has a stronger caramel flavor, and the dark agave syrup has a strong caramel flavor because it is unfiltered and therefore more concentrated.

You can also buy mild flavored raw agave nectar. The raw syrup is made at a temperature below 48 degrees Celsius so as not to destroy the natural enzymes.

Is Agave Syrup Healthy?

Agave syrup consists primarily of fructose and glucose and has a high sweetening power. With this high sugar content, it cannot be counted among the healthy foods. Not everyone can tolerate the high proportion of fructose: agave syrup is not suitable for people with fructose intolerance.

Like all unrefined products, agave syrup has a higher content of minerals, trace elements and secondary plant substances than table sugar. However, in order to consume these valuable substances in a relevant amount, you would have to drink several liters of agave syrup. This is not a good idea in view of the fructose content.

Agave syrup for diabetes?

However, due to its high fructose content, agave syrup has a very low glycemic load, which is considered an indicator of the insulin requirement triggered in the body. Agave syrup causes the blood sugar to rise much more slowly than, for example, table sugar. In moderation, it is therefore also suitable for diabetics. Maple syrup, another sugar substitute, also has a low glycemic index.

Overall, agave nectar is slightly healthier than table sugar, but use it in moderation.

Buy agave syrup

For a long time, agave syrup was only available in organic stores, but you can now buy it in supermarkets, drugstores and online.

Agave syrup instead of sugar โ€“ a good idea?

Many consumers are wondering: is agave nectar better than sugar? Using agave syrup as a sugar substitute only makes sense in moderation.

Since the thick juice has to be imported from Mexico, it has a long transport route before it ends up on our store shelves. Local honey is therefore the better choice for sweetening tea or drinks.

Even better and healthier: sweeten your food with the natural sweetness of fruit. The muesli for breakfast, for example, tastes delicious with an apple or fresh strawberries. Additional sweetening is usually not necessary. Also read the article: Fasting sugar: Nine tips to help you avoid it.

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