Bitter Melon: This is the Effect

The effect of bitter melon is positive for the body and mind. It belongs to the pumpkin family that is originally native to tropical regions.

All information about the effect of bitter melon

The bitter melon is also called bitter gourd. In tropical regions, the plant is valued for its healing properties, but it is also eaten. If you are not used to tropical fruits, you should slowly incorporate the pumpkin plant into your diet.

  • Whole bitter melon is good to eat if you can get it.
  • The plant has a menstrual-promoting effect and increases your immune system in the event of a fever.
  • The bitter leaves also help with acute pain in the head or stomach. They are also said to have a positive effect on diabetes.
  • The plant can also help with skin diseases and injuries to the skin.
  • The fruit is said to have anti-cancer properties and is also said to be effective in treating psoriasis. The reason for this is that the active ingredients in bitter melon boost the immune system and promote the formation of the body’s own defense cells.

The uses of bitter gourd

Since the plant has antibiotic properties, it should not be taken for more than 1 month. Unless you also take probiotic intestinal bacteria.

  • In this country, tropical cucumber is often used in powder or capsule form. Pay attention to 100 percent purity and organic cultivation. The leaves are commonly prepared as bitter melon tea.
  • Applied to the skin, the tropical pumpkin plant unfolds its effect. It helps with injuries and wounds, but also with rheumatic complaints, inflammation, and skin diseases.
  • Consuming the root has an aphrodisiac effect.
  • If you are pregnant, do not eat bitter melon, as the plant’s powerful effects can cause miscarriage. That is why it is also used for natural abortions.
  • Always seek medical advice if you intend to use any preparations for self-medication.

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