Storing Lemons Correctly – This is How it Works

Often you only need the juice of half a lemon, which makes it all the more useful to know how to store the rest of the fruit properly.

Never store whole lemons in the refrigerator

Today, the evergreen citrus plant is native to the Mediterranean region. Therefore, the fruits are also used in a warm climate.

  • When buying lemons, make sure there are no moldy or mushy fruits in the net. The lemons should be plump and rich yellow color.
  • It is best to place the lemons at the top of the shopping bag. This prevents the fruit from being crushed.
  • Store whole lemons separately from other fruit and at room temperature. The fruits should not be exposed to the blazing sun.
  • Another option is to store the lemons in a glass jar filled with water. Change the water every two days.
  • If you have half a lemon left over from cooking or baking, it is sufficient to place the fruit in a small bowl or on a plate in the refrigerator. Make sure the flesh of the lemon is facing up.
  • You can also store lemon halves at room temperature. Again, you should not cover the cut side with cling film, just let it air dry.
  • Cut only as much of the lemon as you need. This keeps the cut surface as small as possible and doesn’t dry out as quickly in the fridge.

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