Astrologers Tell us How to Choose the Metal According to the Zodiac Sign

Each of us wears jewelry and does not even think about the fact that precious metals are not just an accessory, but also carry a certain energy, which affects the health of the person.

Let’s look into this in detail.

What zodiac signs should not wear gold and silver?

Silver symbolizes soul purity. This metal is something cherished, secret, intimate, and hidden deep inside. Astrologers consider silver the metal of the moon and the water element.

Therefore, Zodiac signs with pronounced leadership qualities should not wear silver, and gold will scare away love and good luck from Virgo, Libra, Pisces, and Cancer.

What effect does silver have on the human body?

In principle, silver is not harmful to any sign of the Zodiac. But walking around with it all the time is not a good idea.

The effects of silver on the signs of the zodiac


For example, why should Scorpios not wear silver? This sign of the Zodiac is not only smart but also endowed with magical powers. Scorpios know exactly what they want and are always ready for feats. Silver is not recommended for them to wear because of the imbalance that can occur. This precious metal makes them vulnerable and hides their strengths.

On the contrary, sapphire, garnet, or agate will give strength and confidence to this sign of the Zodiac.


People born under this sign are extraordinarily strong and strive to be leaders in everything. If something doesn’t go according to plan, Aries gets very worried. Silver jewelry can bring misfortune in their life, can have a negative impact on the mind, and bring sadness. Representatives of this sign can not even touch silver – from this, they will feel worse and they are capable of rash actions.

How to choose between gold and the silver


Leo always achieves what they want, they are intelligent, confident individuals who have leadership qualities. They are capable of any feats in life.

Leo’s preference for gold rather than silver jewelry is better. Silver makes them vulnerable and lowers their status, which makes them very irritable.


What is better for a Capricorn to wear gold or silver? Representatives of this sign are very fond of all kinds of jewelry, but silver deprives them of confidence in the future and depresses their strength. When they are wearing silver jewelry, Capricorns feel uncomfortable and become distracted.

Overall, this sign of the Zodiac knows how to make the right impression on a person.


Libras may suffer from headaches because of silver, and their lives may experience a string of setbacks. In addition, silver jewelry keeps positive energy out of Libras’ lives and pushes them to do rash things.

Now you know how silver affects the human body and what is better to choose – gold or silver according to the zodiac sign.

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Written by Emma Miller

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