Taurus – Violets, Scorpio – Cacti: How to Choose a House Flower by Horoscope to Bring Happiness

Flowers can bring more than just joy and be an element of decor. The right plant according to your date of birth will help you be happier. Flower horoscopes have been popular for hundreds of years.

In this article, you will learn how to choose a houseplant according to your date of birth and which plant will be your totem.

Flower by date of birth – Korean, Chinese, and Japanese horoscope

According to the flower horoscope, the entire year is divided into small intervals (about 10 days). Depending on which day you were born, a particular plant suits you. In the cultures of Korea, China, and Japan, the flower horoscope is almost similar.

Flowers of Spring

  • March 1-10 – poppy,
  • March 11-20 – lily,
  • March 21-31 – foxglove,
  • April 1-10 – magnolia,
  • April 11-20 – hydrangea,
  • April 21-30 – dahlia,
  • May 1-10 – lily of the valley,
  • May 11-12 – portulacas,
  • May 21-31 – camomile.

Flowers of summer

  • June 1-10 – bellflower,
  • June 11-21 – daisy,
  • June 22-July 1 – tulip,
  • July 2-12 – water lily,
  • July 13-23 – violet,
  • July 24-August 2 – rose hips,
  • August 3-12 – sunflower,
  • August 13-23 – rose,
  • August 24-September 2 – delphinium,
  • September 3-11 – carnation,
  • September 12-22 – aster,
  • September 23-October 3 – heather,
  • October 4-13 – camellia,
  • October 14-23 – lilacs,
  • October 24-November 2 – freesia,
  • November 3-12 – orchid,
  • November 13-22 – peony,
  • November 23-December 2 – gladiolus,
  • December 3-12 – dandelion,
  • December 13-22 – lotus,
  • December 23-31 – edelweiss.

Flowers of winter

  • January 1-10 – gentian,
  • January 11-20 – thistle,
  • January 21-31 – immortelle,
  • February 1-10 – mistletoe,
  • Feb. 11-20 – hives,
  • February 21-28/29 – mimosa.

House flower by date of birth

Aries should choose royal begonia and sparkling schema. Indian or Japanese azalea would also be an excellent choice. Taurus people should bring low-growing, sturdy and ornamental-flowering plants into the house. Persian cyclamen and violet will be a talisman that will attract wealth and health to Taurus.

Gemini will be well suited to unpretentious houseplants such as tillandsia. Chlorophytum can be planted for the health and protection of negative energy. Cancers need flowers that like water and constant watering. Excellent options would be begonia Mason and hybrid fuchsia.

Leo’s horoscope advises growing bright and beautiful flowers, such as Chinese roses or calla lilies. Virgo is great for “complicated” plants that need care. Plant a syngonium or a dracena.

Decembrists are a “totem” house flower for Libra according to their date of birth. Orchids are also very good for them. Scorpions need flowers that will help them unleash their intuition’s full potential. A great option is a stapelia mottled, also cacti will be a talisman.

For Sagittarians, astrologers recommend buying a lemon tree and learning the art of bonsai. If you are a Capricorn, be sure to start growing a Thistle or a Dracena.

It is important for Aquarians to have ferns at home, and a poinsettia will help to reveal hidden talents. For Pisces, astrologers advise lush azaleas, as well as all plants that can grow in aquariums.

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