Effective Workout: This Eexercise Is A Real Belly Fat Killer

Belly fat is annoying and difficult to get rid of. But a targeted workout pays off: Fitness professionals swear by one particular exercise – the planks.

You’ve probably heard of planks. Along with squats, jumping jacks, and the like, this full-body exercise is one of the most popular workouts.

We are talking about forearm support. Here you train with your body’s own strength – not only your back, legs, hips, and buttocks, but also your abdominal muscles. Regularly and consistently practiced, planks let the annoying belly fat slowly but surely disappear.

Only 2x 30 seconds per day

The great thing about Planks: 2 x 30 seconds a day is already enough for the positive effect. If you don’t manage 30 seconds in the beginning, try to hold the exercise for 10-15 seconds and then increase it.

Get rid of belly fat – with planks

Important: To challenge your muscles, you should bring variety into your workout. For all exercises: Body tension is the key! We present three plank variations:

  • elbow plank

Lie flat on the floor and place your forearms so that your elbows are parallel to your shoulders. The forearm and upper arm should form a 90-degree angle.

Then lift your torso, placing your hands flat or in fists on the floor. Prop the feet off the floor with the toes. Hold for 30 seconds, tensing the body the entire time.

  • raised leg plank

The starting position for this exercise is the same as the Elbow Plank. Then lift the right leg upwards and hold the position for a short time. Then repeat the process with the right leg.

  • Side Plank

Side planks require some practice, but are ultra-effective! How to do it: Lie on your side and prop your right elbow on the floor. Prop your left arm at your hips and feet off the mat, lifting your butt as you do so.

Then stretch the left arm into the air. Then switch sides. If you also lift your free leg, you will also improve your balance.

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Written by Bella Adams

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