How to Clean a Frying Pan: Three Quick Ways for Housewives

These methods of cleaning frying pans from fouling and grease can save time and easily achieve the desired result.

Every housewife has faced such problems more than once in her life and has been looking for the easiest ways to clean a frying pan from fouling and grease without damaging the coating.

We will tell you about three simple methods that will help to solve the problem and at the same time save precious time.

How to clean a frying pan: the best ways to get rid of grease

Grease-free frying pans without the use of tools

Perhaps this is the most popular way. In order to pull it off, all you need to do is to fill a dirty frying pan with water and put it on the fire. The water should boil for up to 15 minutes. After that, you should take the frying pan off the fire, wait for a little and rinse it under running water, using a simple sponge.

Remove any carbon deposits or grease from the pan with baking soda and vinegar

The frying pan with the encrustation should be turned upside down, and first, sprinkle it with baking soda, and then pour the vinegar on it. After that, leave the pan for some time. Five minutes will be enough. Then wipe it with a sponge and rinse well.

With the help of baking soda and vinegar, you can get rid of grease from the surface of the frying pan as well. First, the bottom of the pan inside should be sprinkled with baking soda and a little water. After half an hour, you should add a tablespoon of vinegar to the frying pan and rinse with a sponge.

Clean the pan with coarse salt and potatoes

This method is not familiar to everyone, but definitely effective. The first thing to do is to rid the pan of excess food. After that, sprinkle the dirty bottom with salt, rub it with a potato cut in half, and rinse.

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