How to Clean Curtains Without Washing: Useful Tips for Hostesses

Washing curtains is not easy, especially if you do it by hand rather than with a washing machine. But even the largest drapes will be clean if you use a few tricks.

In the 21st century, every minute is worth its weight in gold. The accelerated pace of life makes us resort to tricks, and look for ways to do many things quickly and with minimal loss of time and effort. Often there is not enough energy or time to clean the house. So today we’ll tell you how to clean curtains without washing, whether you can vacuum curtains, and how to clean curtains without taking them off the curtain rod – these tips will definitely make your life easier!

How to refresh curtains: useful tips for hostesses

Washing curtains is not an easy task because of the size of the product. And if you do it manually, it seems to be unreal! And a washing machine does not make the task easier! How do you clean curtains by weight? Let us tell you a few secrets.

First, an ordinary towel will help you: soak it in water, fold it in a “roller” and just “beat” the curtains hanging on the ledge with it. Surely they will be clean and fresh! And if you add a few drops of laundry conditioner to the water with which you soak the towel, the curtains will be as fragrant as after a full wash in the machine.

Second, to clean our textile curtains, you can shake them regularly (about once a week): this way you get rid of dust and can pay more attention to your curtains when you have time to do so.

Third, cleaning curtains at home may become your favorite thing to do if you have a steam cleaner or vacuum cleaner.

But keep in mind that some types of fabric after treatment with steam lose their appearance, and plissé curtains, velvet, and delicate fabrics can not be cleaned with a steam device!

Regarding the vacuum cleaners, use low power, and attach a soft cloth (from microfiber, for example) to the brush: it will help you to vacuum the curtains without damaging the structure of the fabric.

The vacuum cleaner will also help you to clean the curtains from wool. A special nozzle will effortlessly remove lumps of hair from your pets and will not bring you any trouble. But pay attention to the availability of such a brush when buying a vacuum cleaner.

Also when cleaning your home, it will be useful for you to know how to wash curtains without removing the hooks – because this is also quite a time-consuming process.

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