How to Clean The Heating Radiators From Dust: Step by Step Instructions

How you can clean the dust from the battery – tips, and tricks

The idea is to wipe the batteries with a damp cloth every week, but not all people can do that. If you start the process of cleaning, you will have to arrange a “general”. To do this you will need:

  • a vacuum cleaner;
  • a bucket;
  • liquid detergent;
  • a dustpan;
  • Unneeded towel, cloth, or a piece of polyethylene;
  • dry and wet rags;
  • A steamer or hair dryer.

First, you need to turn on the vacuum cleaner – it will collect the maximum amount of dust. Carefully pass the tube of the vacuum cleaner between the sections of the battery, and then put under the battery unnecessary cloth or polyethylene. We also recommend attaching a piece of plastic wrap behind the radiator with masking tape. This way you will be able to protect the floor and wallpaper from splattering dirt.

How to clean the heating batteries from dust – the steps and nuances

You should always start cleaning the batteries from the outside. In doing so, it is important to determine what kind of batteries you have – cast iron or aluminum.

How to easily clean a cast iron battery – instructions

To clean a cast iron radiator easily and quickly, take a bucket and pour warm water into it. Add a liquid detergent and rinse a brush in it. Then you need to thoroughly clean the space between the sections with this cleaner. After the internal cleaning process is complete, wipe the battery with a damp cloth inside and outside, and wipe dry. This is a mandatory step – if you leave the battery wet, rust will soon appear on it.

How to clean an aluminum battery – tips

For aluminum batteries, a scrubber will not help – it is too thick. In this case, it is better to use other methods:

  • steam generator – simply treat the battery with it, and wipe off the dirt that runs down to the floor with a rag;
  • hair dryer – blow on a radiator with wet rags on the floor – the dirt will settle on them.

An alternative option, if you do not have a hair dryer or steam generator – is cotton gloves. You need to put them on, then wet your hands and clean the dirt from the batteries by hand – as much as you can.

How to clean the battery inside – a time-saving tiphack

A frequent problem faced by many Ukrainians is that the batteries stop heating. This happens because of a clogged one of the sections. In order to blow out such a battery, you can buy special chemicals or use a very strong water pressure. It is not recommended to perform such actions by yourself – it is better to invite a plumber.

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