How To Get Warm Without Heating and Electricity: 5 Effective Methods


How to get warm when it’s cold – follow these steps

How to get warm without heating and electricity is a real challenge, because most heaters only work on the power grid. Because of the outage, you will have to forget about air conditioning, electric fireplace, blowers, and other benefits of civilization for a while.

Focus on improvised means, and do not forget that the most reliable source of heat is your body.

  • Move around more. This is the easiest tip for staying warm without heating. Finally, start exercising by candlelight or just dance to your favorite music.
  • Take a warm shower, and afterward, open the doors. This option is good for those who are just looking for ways to stay warm without heating. After all, many families have their water heated by an electric-powered boiler rather than a gas boiler. Also, remember that the steam that will go into the rooms or kitchen will be absorbed by the furniture, and even settle on the windows. If there is no heating or it is weak – moisture will begin to collect in puddles on window sills and turn into the mold on the walls next to the windows.
  • Wear thermal underwear that prevents body heat from dissipating. Also, this type of underwear is very comfortable – you can sleep in it if necessary, and wear it around the house and work.
  • Turn on the gas stove. This tip will suit those who simply want to warm up in a cold apartment. You can also close all the doors and slits in the windows as much as possible and put a kettle of water on the burner. The boiling water forms steam, which can then very much heat your kitchen. But if you have electricity instead of gas in the kitchen – then this option will not work.
  • Drink more hot drinks. This not only tones you up and recharges you for the day at work, but also warms you up nicely. It is recommended to brew tea with lemon and ginger.
    In general, there are a lot of ways to warm up. You don’t have to go out and buy new appliances for this.

How to heat a room without heating – the top of purchases

It is impossible to adapt to the blackout and heat. We are faced with a major dilemma: how to heat a room without electricity and gas. To solve this question, it is worth looking at what is the best to buy to heat the room:

  • Carpets and warm blankets. This is an option for those who are wondering what is more economical to heat a room. However, note that things made of natural materials like sheepskin will cost a lot. Carpets will keep you from the cold floor, and blankets will keep the temperature from dropping at night.
  • Generators. There are generators of different capacities: providing electricity for the entire building or only the needs of individual appliances. But generators are allowed to be put only on the ground – that is, for residents of 2-25 floors such a purchase will not be relevant.
  • Heaters without electricity. Today in the market a lot of proposals on this – from kerosene heaters to gas and candle heaters. You can also buy a mini-fireplace with balls or a spirit stove at an optimal price.
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