When To Put Away the Christmas Tree: Omens, Traditions and Medical Advice

When to put away the Christmas tree in 2023 – omens and customs

There is a belief that the tree should be left in the house on Old New Year’s Eve, January 14 (St. Basil), and only after that, it can be removed. It is believed that if you take the evergreen beauty out of the house before this date, the tree will “take away” the positive energy from the house. However, this belief is a common superstition and is not confirmed by facts.

Some people leave the tree on Epiphany on January 19, and only then remove it. Epiphany is usually the last time guests are invited for a festive dinner, so you can leave a Christmas tree in the house for everyone to admire the tree.

In general, an artificial Christmas tree can be removed whenever you want, because it does not spoil over time. During the war, all Ukrainians lack positive emotions. And as long as the tree makes us and our children happy – we can not look back at the dates.

When to put away the Christmas tree according to the doctors’ opinion

In a house where there are young children, allergic or asthmatic, it is desirable to remove the tree immediately after the holidays. The tree and Christmas decorations accumulate a lot of dust.

When to put away a live tree

A live Christmas tree keeps fresh for about 2-3 weeks. In a warm apartment and near a radiator, the tree spoils faster. As soon as the needles begin to turn yellow or crumble – it’s time to remove the tree, otherwise, the entire floor will be in the needles.

How to properly dispose of a live Christmas tree

Live Christmas trees are often taken out to the trash can, but this is not environmentally friendly. The tree can be given a second life by taking it to the fir tree collection point. Most of these sites are open until January 31, 2023. Here, the tree is disposed of safely for nature, and the needles are used to make chips or mulch for plants.

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