How to Hang Garland in the House Beautifully: 8 Bright Ideas for a New Year’s Mood

On New Year’s Day 2023, it is customary to decorate the Christmas tree with bright lights. However, you can decorate not only the tree but also the house itself. With garland, the house will be filled with coziness, and all the inhabitants will be charged with the New Year’s mood.

How to hang garland on the wall

Before you choose a way to decorate the house with garlands, you need to know how to fix the garland on the wall. There are several ways to do this without ruining the wallpaper:

  • Scotch tape is the easiest and cheapest, but not always effective method. Scotch tape does not stick to all surfaces. There is also a risk that pieces of tape will remain on the surface after removal.
  • Stationery buttons are almost invisible but spoil the wallpaper a little.
  • Silicone suction cups are good for glass, bathroom tiles, or ceramics, but are useless on wallpaper. You can buy suction cups with or without hooks in hardware stores.
  • You can buy special universal garland hooks at hardware stores, which consist of a hook and a sticky surface.
  • When the time comes to remove the garland, you can lubricate the place of attachment with acetone.

Magic tree

A beautiful idea for those who have large and lush potted plants. Hang the garland on the branches of the plant and also wrap it around the pot itself. The decor looks fabulous and beautiful as if there are fireflies sitting on the bush.

A glow-in-the-dark mirror

The garland around the mirror creates an atmosphere of mystery and magic. The glow of the lights is reflected on the face, and everyone who looks into such a mirror will feel more attractive.

Hanging garland

A garland that dangles from the windowsill to the floor looks very beautiful. Some of the lights can be placed on the floor. Such decor allows you to decorate a “magic corner” in the house.

Bright liana

Shelves in the kitchen or in the living room as if created for hanging lights on them. Not a very practical solution, but incredibly spectacular and easy to perform.

Garland in the kitchen

The garland can be hung on the wall in the kitchen or in the living room, near the table at which the guests will be sitting. Such decor will always be on view and add a little fire to the holiday.

Decor for furniture

Bright lights can be attached to the top of furniture, such as a cabinet, shelf, or the top of the sofa. This will add coziness and magic to the room.

Bright Curtain

Say a bright hello to the outside world by hanging a garland on the window. As evening falls, the lights will sparkle brightly and illuminate the entire room.

Wallpaper for the bedroom

You can add coziness and festive warmth to your bedroom by using ordinary garland. You can hang it on the wall or fix it to the ceiling so the bright threads hang over the bed.

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