How to Peel a Pomegranate Fast: 3 Easiest Ways

Pomegranate is a healthy winter fruit, which is rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, sodium, chromium, and manganese. Regularly consuming this fruit, you will be able to normalize blood pressure, strengthen the immune system and improve the function of the gastrointestinal tract.

Lifehacks on how to peel a pomegranate – reliable options

Experienced hostesses out of the many ways allocate only three. It seems like little, but in fact, these methods are really effective. Make a note of them so that you don’t have to agonize after buying the fruit.

Sample method

This option is fine if you need to peel a pomegranate beautifully – for a fruit bouquet or for guests for the table. Take the pomegranate in your hands and cut the peel off the top of the pomegranate, without touching the kernels. Next, make several incisions all over the surface of the fruit from top to bottom, a little short of the end. After – carefully open the pomegranate with your hands (you should get a rose). Remove the white partitions inside the fruit and serve the pomegranate – the grains can be taken out of it with your hands.

Radical method

This method is acceptable if you need pomegranate seeds for a salad or if you plan to eat the fruit with a spoon. Cut the pomegranate in half, take one part of it, and hold it over a dish with the peel up. Arm yourself with a spoon or spatula and tap the pomegranate until all the kernels are in the dish.

A helpful tip: Don’t raise the fruit too high, or the splatter from the pomegranate will fly farther than you’d like it to.

The Wet Method

In this option, you’ll have to use water. First, cut off the peel from the top with a “lid”. Then make a few incisions on the pomegranate and dip the fruit into a deep bowl filled with water. Under the water, use your hands to remove the grains from the pomegranate, then pour the water through a colander and separate the grains from the liquid.

The underwater method of cleaning the pomegranate takes longer than the previous two, but there will definitely be no splashing or staining from the juice.

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