How to Improve Battery Heating: 3 Easy Ways to Make a Room Warmer

If the radiators are barely warm and have little heat – do not rush to complain to the housing and utilities department. Everyone can improve the heating of the battery in their own ways to make the room warmer. It is not difficult to do – you do not need any special skills. Here are three ways to make the radiators hotter.

Blow on batteries with a hairdryer

Dirty and dusty batteries heat much worse than clean ones. Routine cleaning can improve battery heating by as much as 25%. Check to see if there is dust on the fins of the convectors – it interferes with heat transfer. Wiping off all the dust with a damp sponge is long – there is an easier way.

You can quickly clean the dust off the batteries with a hair dryer. First, lay paper or a towel under the radiator to let the dust fall on them, and then blow the radiators on top and side with a hair dryer.

Insulate the wall behind the radiator

The greater the temperature difference between the wall and the radiator, the more heat is lost. More often than not, the walls are much colder than the radiator, because they face the street.

To heat went into the room and not warm the wall, buy at any construction store heat reflective shields. Such insulation is installed behind the radiator along the entire perimeter.

Create air circulation

Warm air will move deeper into the room faster if you install a fan near the battery. This will spread the heat evenly to the farthest corners of the room. A small pocket fan is enough for this trick.

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Written by Emma Miller

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