How to Lower Blood Pressure Without Pills: Folk Remedies to Save From Hypertension

Many people suffer from high blood pressure (hypertension) and do not even know that tolerating such a problem is very dangerous. Not for nothing do doctors say that high blood pressure is a silent killer. It can lead to serious cardiovascular diseases and even cause a stroke.

In this article, you will learn how to quickly lower your blood pressure without medication. You won’t even need medication to do this, because it often happens that the right pills aren’t always on hand.

How to reduce pressure in 2 minutes without pills – folk methods

Sometimes there are situations when the pressure rises very quickly. In such cases, it is important not to panic and know how to quickly knock down very high blood pressure. There are a number of folk methods:

Drink tea or mineral water. There are many tips on how to quickly lower blood pressure with folk remedies. One of the easiest is mint tea. You can also drink mineral water with honey and lemon juice. In just 20 minutes, the pressure will begin to fall.

Apply ice. Cold compresses will help reduce the pressure urgently. Ice should be applied to the cervical vertebrae. A few minutes after such a compress, when the ice begins to melt, the cooled area can be rubbed with camphor oil.

Cool down. If there is no ice on hand, you can quickly relieve high blood pressure without pills. Simply pour cold water into a basin and rinse your feet there. Within two minutes you will feel your blood pressure starting to drop. If you don’t have a basin to rinse your feet, you can simply hold your hands under the cold water tap. You can also wash your hands or make a compress – place a wet cloth on the solar plexus.

Learn how to breathe correctly. A special breathing technique will help to reduce the pressure in 5 minutes at home. Take a deep breath, and then slowly exhale the air, stretch this process for at least 5 seconds. In just a few minutes of such breathing practice, your blood pressure will go down.

Use apple cider vinegar. Among the tips on how to quickly relieve high blood pressure without pills, experts single out a thank with apple cider vinegar, which should be diluted in equal proportions with water. With such a solution, you need to soak a cloth, and then put it on your feet. Vinegar is proven to help simply and quickly lower the pressure at home without medication.

Make a massage. If you are on the road or you simply do not have water, tea, ice, or vinegar on hand, it is worth knowing how to lower blood pressure with folk remedies, not only without pills but also without other aids. Just try to massage your neck. Pay attention to the area closer to the head, you should not press too hard, press gently. You can also massage the temples and the inner corners of the eyes.

Well, after you have stabilized the pressure, it is worth thinking about how to avoid such problems in the future. Dr. Komarovsky, for example, advises you to try the DASH diet. This diet will help improve your health in just a few weeks.

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Written by Emma Miller

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