How to Open a Glass Jar Without a Can Opener: 4 Original Methods

Buying canned goods in the store or taking them out of the pantry, it is not always easy to open them with your hands – the stubborn lid does not give in. Of course, you can use a can opener, but it may not be available.

How to open a jar with a screw lid in hot water

The easiest way is to put the jar with its neck down in hot water. You can put it in a bowl or just under a stream of water and wait a few minutes. The main thing is that the temperature of the water is not in the “boiling” range, otherwise, the glass will heat up. Under the influence of high temperature, the lid will “come away” from the jar and it can be easily removed.

An alternative is a hair dryer, which can be used to quickly heat the lid. Be careful – the hot air heats the jar, so it is better to hold it with oven mitts or gloves.

How to open a jar without a can opener by tapping it

Not many people know this, but tapping isn’t just a sound. It is an effective method of uncapping any glass jar with a screw-on lid. In order to check the authenticity of this statement, you need to take a jar and knock it on the table, and in a particular place – the space between the neck and the lid. Do not knock too hard, so as not to break the jar – a few strokes will be enough to loosen the lid. If you are afraid to knock the jar on the table, you can take a wooden spoon and knock on the jar – the result is the same.

You can also tap on the other side of the jar – not on the lid, but on the bottom. You can knock with anything, but it is better to knock with the palm of your hand so that the content inside the jar will move up, then it will be easier to open the lid.

How to open a jar with a knife – an effective method

A popular way is to relieve the pressure with a knife. Take the jar, turn it over, and place the lid on the table. Then use a sharp knife to pry the lid between the teeth and wiggle it from side to side. You should hear a distinctive sound of air escaping, or just see the lid slightly “moved away” from the jar. At this stage, you can already turn the container and unscrew the lid with your hands, otherwise, the contents of the jar will pour on the floor.

How to open a jar without an opener with your hands and a scotch tape

Scotch tape for this variant of opening the jar should not be clerical, but construction tape – it is stronger. If you do not have such, you can take duct tape – it is sure to be found in your toolbox.

You need to wrap the lid of the jar with tape or duct tape together with the ends and leave the free edge hanging down. Then make a kind of handle out of it and, grasping it with your fingers, pull in the direction of unscrewing the lid. Under the pressure of the tape and your strength, sooner or later the lid of the jar will yield and open.

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