How to Properly Bake Foods in Foil: 5 Secrets for a Delicious Dinner

Baking food in foil is one of the most popular ways of cooking. Fans of healthy eating choose it, as foil preserves the useful properties of food and allows you to cook them quickly.

Which side of the foil to bake meat or other products – tips

In order to use foil correctly and always get a delicious dinner, it is important to understand that foil should not be used for cooking in the microwave. The shiny material will simply reflect microwaves and the food inside will remain raw. In addition, foil can provoke sparks.

Useful tip: you may not have known, but there are different thicknesses of foil – respectively, it is designed for different purposes:

  • 9 µm-thick foil is for food storage only;
  • 11 µm thick foil – for baking in the oven;
  • foil with a thickness of 14 microns – for cooking on a grill or barbecue.

Shiny material, by the way, in contact with acids loses its useful properties. It is no longer able to protect against the penetration of water, fats, gases, microorganisms, and ultraviolet radiation. Long-term storage in foil food or dishes with a sour taste is not recommended for this reason.

How to keep meat from sticking to the foil – tips and tricks

If you don’t want to tear the foil off your food after cooking, remember that you should wrap foods with the shiny side facing them and the matte side facing out. Also, foods like meat need to be wrapped properly:

  • Fold a sheet of foil in half;
  • put the meat on one half of the sheet;
  • cover the top with the other half, avoiding tension;
  • wrap the edges along the long side;
  • make two similar tight seams on the sides.

To quickly figure out how to bake potatoes and meat together in foil, know – lay out the vegetables on the foil first, and then the pork, chicken, or beef. It is also important to observe the correct temperature when baking the dishes – then they will not stick and will not be dry.

The optimal oven temperature is 170°C for meat, 160°C for poultry, and 145°C for fish. If you want a ruddy crust, unroll the foil 5-7 minutes before the dish is ready and continue baking uncovered.

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Written by Emma Miller

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