How to Transplant Aloe Vera to Another Pot: Rules and Recommendations

How to transplant a large aloe into another pot

If you have just bought yourself a plant and want to transplant it, consider that the aloe needs to be left for 3 weeks in the previous pot before transplanting into a new one. It’s also important to choose the right soil – the substrate should be light, loose, and not permeable to water and air. Acidity – weak or neutral, and, best for aloe suitable soil for cacti.

The aloe transplanting procedure is simple and easy to understand even for beginners:

  • one day before transplanting, the plant should be watered;
  • fill the bottom of the new pot with drainage and some soil;
  • Pull out the flower with the root ball;
  • transplant it into a new pot and fill it with soil.

The new pot is better to take 3 cm more than the previous one and watch to ensure that the root neck of the flower was 2-3 cm below the top of the container. Immediately after transplanting aloe can not be watered – it is better to leave for 3-4 days in the shade, and then supply moisture.

How to transplant aloe sprout – rules

It is best to propagate centenarians in the spring, but in the home, it can be done in any period. Aloe detachment is not difficult to detect – the offshoot is located at the roots themselves and has its own roots. In order to separate the offspring, take the plant out of the pot, pre-watering it. Separate the offshoot together with the stem from the main root and transplant it into moistened sand.

How to properly plant an aloe scion without roots – tips

Gardeners use different ways to transplant aloe seedlings into a new pot. You can:

  • Cut off or pinch off a leaf at the base;
  • Dry it out for 3-4 days;
  • place it in a container filled with wet sand to a depth of 1-2 cm;
  • Periodically moisten the soil, but do not allow excessive moisture.

When the plant gets stronger, it can be transplanted into a small pot with soil for cacti.

An alternative option for transplanting is the method with cuttings. In this case, you need to cut the elongated succulent and place it in water or a nutritious substrate. Then, when the aloe has matured, it can be placed in a small pot. Remember that the plant should not be watered for the first few days, nor should it be kept out in the open sun.

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