How to Remove Rust, Yellowing and Plaque From the Bathroom Curtain: Folk Methods

A bathroom curtain is a necessary fixture that protects the walls and floor from water droplets while showering. Such curtains quickly become covered in deposits, rust, and yellow stains.

How to clean a bathroom curtain in the washing machine – tips

Contrary to the popular opinion that bathroom curtains can not be washed in the machine, you can still do it. Carry out such manipulations only with curtains made of polyvinyl chloride or polyester, adhering to the instructions:

  • select a delicate mode on the washing machine;
  • Turn off the spin and dry cycle;
  • pour the powder and start the wash.

After the end of the process, the curtain should be taken out and hung to dry naturally. Under no circumstances should you twist or spin the curtains, or they will deform.

How to wash a yellowish bathroom curtain with vinegar and baking soda

Yellow deposits on the curtain are traces of dried bad quality tap water. It is necessary to remove them, because, in addition to an unpleasant appearance, such stains become breeding grounds for bacteria.

Prepare a solution: 5 tbsp vinegar per 100 ml water or 7 tsp citric acid per 100 ml water. Mix, pour into a sprayer, and treat the dirt locally. Keep in mind that the water must be hot, and the product must be sprayed on the curtain several times within 3-4 hours.

To consolidate the result, mix 1 tbsp of baking soda with any detergent, apply it to a sponge or brush, and then rub the stain thoroughly. In the end, rinse the curtain and leave it to dry on the balcony.

How to clean a bathroom curtain from the mold with citric acid

Fungus penetrates deep into the tissues, so any folk remedies are only a preventive measure – in order to get rid of mold for good, you need intensive mechanical cleaning.

A concentrated solution will help in this:

  • 5-6 caps of whitewash per 5 liters of water;
  • table vinegar and water in the proportion of 1:3;
  • 200 grams of citric acid per 5 liters of water.

Mix the ingredients from any item on the list, and soak the curtain for 5-6 hours in this solution. Then wash it by hand or in a machine. If you have old stains on the curtains, which you could not wash out that way, you can apply ammonia alcohol, and then dip the brush in baking soda and rub the dirt. The next step is to wash the curtain normally and dry it.

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