How to Sharpen a Grater and a Meat Grinder Knife in 10 Minutes: Proven Ways

Nothing lasts forever – including kitchen utensils. A grater and a meat grinder are indispensable helpers for any housewife, which should always be sharp.

How to sharpen a meat grinder knife with sandpaper – grandma’s method

The first option – take several sheets of sandpaper with a different grit. The range should be from 600 to 1200 because you need to go from less to thicker grit. Herein lies the secret to sharp mincing knives – if you sharpen them with sandpaper of the same grit, the result will be much worse.

In order to understand how to sharpen a knife on a Soviet meat grinder correctly, just follow the instructions – make circular movements with the sandpaper on the surface for several minutes. Then take the next sheet with a larger grit and repeat the procedure. Rub only one side – the back of the knife does not need to be sharpened. In the same way, with the help of sandpaper, you can sharpen the grater.

How to sharpen a meat grinder knife with a stone – technology

Sharpening stone – a convenient device, which can be bought in any hardware store. With its help, you will get to return the sharpness of not only parts of the meat grinder but also knives, scissors, and even saws.

In order to use the stone properly, you need to press the blade against it and quickly rotate it in a circle to sharpen the blade evenly. Do this for 3-5 minutes until you get the desired result.

Keep in mind that the meat grinder blade always works in tandem with the mesh, so you need to sharpen them together. If any one mechanism will be dull, then all your work will go to waste.

How to sharpen a grinder with a mug – an interesting tiphack

Some housewives use some kitchen utensils to “revitalize” others – that’s how it works in this case, too. Take a cup, flip it over, and with the abrasive part at the bottom of the mug, rub the blades of the grater. Do this for 5 minutes, then wash the grater and check – if you have not sharpened enough, then continue the process.

How to sharpen the grater with foil – a unique method

Another option is to use foil to sharpen the grater. You need to twist a few balls of foil and rub them on the grater. The essence of this method is that the metal is rubbed against the metal, only one is crumbled, and the other is sharpened.

File and knife – to use if the grater is blunt

This method is considered one of the most effective, but you have to work hard. Find a round file, the end of which will be the same size as the blades of the grater. Then sharpen each hole of the grater with a file, and at the end, use a knife to scroll inside them. This will remove any dirt from the blades and sharpen them quickly.

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