How to Wash Kitchen Towels: an Effective Tiphack Was Named

The question of how to wash kitchen towels is on the minds of many housewives. Because it should not take much time and effort. Kitchen towels are one of the most indispensable things in everyday life. They need to be on hand at all times, and because of their frequent use, they get very dirty.

The question of how to wash kitchen towels is puzzling to many housewives. Since it should not take much time and effort. So how to wash kitchen towels at home without boiling them? To do this, they have come up with several best practices that you can take on board.

One of them is to wash kitchen towels with a dishwasher tablet. How to wash towels with tablets for the dishwasher – to do this, you need to crumble a tablet for the dishwasher (1 pc per 500 ml of water), pour hot water, and stir until the tablet dissolves. Soak the towels for an hour, and then wash them in the washing machine in standard mode.

If you wondered what else can be cleaned with a dishwasher tablet, we answer that there are a number of dishwasher tablets.

Dishwasher tablets can cope with the contamination of racks, trays, and oven surfaces. To do this, you need to moisten the tablets with water and run them over the dirty spot. They will literally “eat” grease, soot, and other dirt.

A concentrated solution of hot water and dishwashing tablets can clean the toilet bowl, sink, or tub of plaque. Apply the solution with a sponge to the dirt and wipe it off.

And how do you use washing machine cleaning tablets? Very simple – throw a dishwashing tablet in the drum of the washing machine and run it in hot mode.

Unconventional use of dishwasher tablets can also be used to clean plastic garden furniture. To do this, dissolve the tablets in half a bucket of hot water and sponge off any dirt.

There is also a tiphak on how to whiten laundry with dishwasher tablets. To do this, take one tablet per liter of water for the dishwasher, add 2-3 spoons of powder, and soak the laundry in this solution for at least two hours. After that, the laundry should be washed in the washing machine.

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