How to Wash Things so They Do Not Fade: 5 Proven Tips

Bright beautiful clothes have an attractive appearance and look like new, even if you’ve been wearing them for a long time. Unfortunately, sometimes things fade and lose their original appearance after washing.

How to Wash a Thing So It Doesn’t Fade – Tips

In order for your clothes to stay as new, they need to be washed and dried properly. This is not a time-consuming process, the main thing is to know a few important secrets:

  • read the instructions – there the manufacturer always indicates at what temperature and at what mode should be washed this or that clothing;
  • test – soak the clothes in a basin before washing, and if the water has stained, do not wash such clothes with other things and do not use hot water;
  • sort – separate items by color, material, weight, and degree of contamination;
  • set the temperature – hot water quickly “takes the color out” of the clothes, so it is better to choose a maximum of 30-40 ° C;
  • select the product – capsules, powders, or liquid detergents – all these products have their advantages and disadvantages, so it is better to work out an individual approach.

Also correctly need and dry laundry – near a radiator or heater to hang things can not, because they will lose their color. Black fabric, in turn, quickly burns out in the sun, so it is better to dry clothes in the open air but protect them from direct sunlight.

How to preserve the color of clothing with vinegar or other folk remedies

Our grandmothers and mothers, for lack of such an abundance of chemicals in stores as now, have long used simple household products. Among them the most popular are:

  • black pepper – add 1 tbsp. to the drum of the washing machine and turn on the rinse mode;
  • salt – pour 1 tbsp. in the drum of the machine or in a bowl with laundry and then rinse the items;
  • vinegar – pour 1 tbsp of the product and turn on the wash – the vinegar will restore the fabric and fix the color;
  • baking soda – add 1 cup of baking soda to the drum with dirty laundry and turn on the washing machine – this will help to remove the bad smell and soften the fabric.

Lemon juice also has miraculous properties – it helps to restore color to faded fabrics. To use this method, you need to squeeze half a lemon directly on the dirty clothes and load them into the drum.

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Written by Emma Miller

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