Is it Possible to Grow an Avocado at Home: Tips and Techniques

The avocado is a healthy fruit, which, more often than not, is bought in summer, so there is a better chance of buying a ripe fruit. It contains a lot of useful substances.

How to grow an avocado from a peeled seed

First, we need to buy ripe fruit. It should be dark green in color and soft to the touch. If you can’t find a ripe one, take an unripe one and put it for a couple of days together with bananas and apples – it will ripen quickly. When the fruit is ready, carefully cut it in two halves, remove the pit and rinse it under warm water.

How to grow an avocado tree from an avocado seed

Anyone who has ever grown an avocado knows there are two surefire ways to grow an avocado tree at home.

Option 1

Make four 2-3mm holes in the avocado and put a toothpick through the holes. Pour filtered water into a glass and place the pit on the toothpicks so that its blunt edge is dipped into the water.

The amount of liquid in the glass should be kept at the same level and also changed every few days. The main thing is that the puncture points of the pit should not get wet.

The glass with the avocado should stand on the windowsill under the sunlight, and you will see the first root in two weeks or a month. When it will be 3-4 cm in length, take the toothpicks out of the pit and transplant it into the ground.

Variant 2

Take a plastic or ceramic pot with drainage holes in the bottom, fill it with a mixture of potting soil, sand, and peat, and then plant the seedling so that 2/3 of it remains on the surface. Water the seedling every 2-3 days and in a few months you will see the first shoots.

How to Care for Potted Avocados

If you transplanted the seedling from water into a pot, put it in a warm and bright place. In summer, water every 3-4 days, and in the cold season – once a week. In the shade it is better not to remove the plant, otherwise, it will not develop well.

Do not allow the soil or the plant itself to dry out – moisten the soil and spray the seedling regularly. If your room is too stuffy, put a humidifier next to the pot.

The avocado will grow fast for the first few months, up to 50 cm, and then it will stop. Then it should be pruned and repeated when there are more than 6-8 leaves on the shoot. In summer it is better to leave the avocado outside, but remember that if the temperature drops below +10 ° C, you must bring the plant indoors.

How to feed the avocado at home

Fertilizer is another important step in growing avocados. In summer, the plant should be fed 1-2 times a month with compositions for indoor plants. Also, the avocado should be transplanted: in the first 5 years – every year, and then every two years, choosing pots of larger size.

After 5-6 years with proper care, the tree will begin to flower. When flowers appear, pollinate them – run over the buds with a soft brush or cotton disk. Do not change the tool and repeat the procedure several times. If the experiment fails, don’t get upset and wait for the next blooming period.

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