How to Wash Things: Tips and Tricks That Will Turn Your Mind

Washing in the washing machine does not always help to return your things completely clean. So take our advice.

Everyone at least once in life got into a situation where they ran out of laundry detergent, and need to wash clothes or clothes urgently. So do not despair! In this case, there are proven methods that will help solve the problem of laundry.

So, then you can wash things if there is no powder

To begin with, let’s tell you about washing “the Japanese way”. For example, you need to wash towels.

First, send them to a hot liquid, adding a mixture of dry mustard (2 tbsp.), vegetable oil (1 tbsp.), and vinegar (1/2 tbsp.) instead of powder. Note that the above ingredients should be used for 10 liters of high-temperature liquid.

Soak the towels in the solution for 12 hours.

After that, the towels should simply be rinsed first with cold, and then with hot water.

Well now you know how to hand wash without powder, and that hand washing without powder is quite real.

Can I Wash Without Powder in the Machine

The next question arises, is it possible to wash without powder in the washing machine, or what can replace the washing gel?

Here to help you will come to the usual baking soda, which can always be found in every home. It effectively removes grease and odors from all types of fabrics and is completely safe for use in washing machines.

You can use salt instead of detergent on the same level as baking soda. Thus, washing things with salt will help maintain their bright color. Just add 1 tablespoon of salt to the washing machine and yours will look fresh and bright!

Some hostesses or homeowners will ask if you can put shampoo in the washer, or if you can wash without powder, but with conditioner.

Yes, it’s true, shampoo for hair or shower gel can help, as in the case of dishwashing detergent. But this method of washing laundry is not suitable for the washing machine because of the large amount of foam. So use this method to wash things by hand only. Add dishwashing detergent or shampoo to a bowl of warm water, wash your clothes, and rinse thoroughly.

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