How to Clean Fish Quickly and Accurately: 3 Smart and Easy Ways

Cleaning fish is difficult and messy. The scales are hard to separate from the body of the fish and get scattered all over the kitchen. To simplify this process, cooks have come up with various tricks to clean fish quickly and neatly.

How to clean fish with boiling water

A simple way to clean fish that chefs in fish restaurants use is to scald the fish with boiling water. The fish is placed in a saucepan and poured boiling water is over its body so that the water completely covers the fish. Then, after the boiling water, dip the fish in cold water.

After that, it is enough to run a knife against the growth of scales, and they are easily removed without contaminating the surface. The method is particularly effective for young and small fish.

How to clean fish in a pan

Fish can easily be cleaned by soaking them in a pot of cold water for 15 minutes. This method will soften the scales a little and allow you to remove them neatly. Such fish is cleaned with a knife right in the pot, starting with the tail and moving toward the head. The scales remain in the water and do not clog the kitchen.

How to clean fish with a scraper and newspaper

If the fish is too large and uncomfortable to clean in a pan, put it on a newspaper. This prevents the fish from sliding on the table and all the dirt will stay on the paper. Clean the body of the fish with an iron kitchen scraper, making motions from the tail to the head. To keep the fish from slipping in your hand while you hold it, wet your fingers and sprinkle salt on them.

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