Is it Possible to Put a Stove in the Apartment: Preparation for a Cold Winter

Burzhuyka is a stove that has long been used to provide heat in the apartment in the absence of centralized heating. You can put it in the garage or in the cottage, in their apartments.

Is it possible to put a burzhuyka in the apartment – the letter of the law

In general, it is impossible to install such a stove in a residential apartment, according to the legislation of our country. It is contrary to fire safety rules, so if as a result of the use of the burzhuyka will damage the house or apartments of other people, you will be held criminally liable.

In addition, there are a number of problems that the owner of this type of heating will face:

  • there is no place to vent the smoke – or use ventilation (which is prohibited) or install a pipe in a window or wall, but because of this, the apartment will be even colder;
  • the fireplace heats only one room, not the whole apartment;
  • The risks of fire due to a constant source of open flame are great.

The only option in which the installation of burzhuyka is justified – is almost completely destroyed homes, where it is impossible to restore the gas and electricity supply for heating the room. And then, you should understand that you will have to stay close to the stove to get warm.

How to install a burzhuyka in the apartment – instruction

If you still decide that you want to take a risk and put such a stove in your home.

For this you will need:

  • A welding machine, at least 200A and electrodes, a protective mask, and a suit for welding;
  • a grinder (grinder), cutting and grinding discs for metal;
  • slag remover (hammer);
  • metal brush;
  • hammer, chisel, pliers;
  • tape measure, meter, chalk;
  • drill, metal welder.

Using this set of tools, you can make a homemade burzhuyka. There are several types of them.

Burzhuyka with their own hands from a barrel or pipe

At the right level of the selected container, it is necessary to mark holes for the ashtray and the entrance to the point. From the cutout, parts to make a door, frame with metal plates, and put a pawl. At the bottom of the pawl (about 10 cm away) inside the barrel weld brackets – the grate will be placed on them.

IMPORTANT: if you are making a stove from a pipe, the bottom and the lower part must be welded.

To the bottom, you need to weld legs, and in the upper make a hole for the chimney, and in it weld a pipe. Then install the doors on the hinges, and determine the location of the lock.

If you want the stove to look presentable, it is better to clean all the seams, and the device itself to cover with heat-resistant paint. In the end – install the burzhuyka and connect it to the chimney.

Burzhuyka with their own hands from a gas cylinder

This option is considered the second most popular because the old gas cylinder almost perfectly repeats the shape of the burzhuyka and is suitable for creating a high-quality stove.

You need to cut off the top of the cylinder along with the faucet, and in the area of the bottom cut a square hole, which will be the entrance to the furnace. From the resulting cut sheet is made a door. Next, you need to attach a lock to it and install it on the hinges. Then, on the wall of the cylinder, which will later be the bottom, cut holes that play the role of the grate. Under them, you need to weld a box of thin metal – the future ash pan. At the end you weld the legs, and in the back wall, you cut a round hole, welding there a pipe for the chimney.

Some craftsmen place in the upper part of such a burzhuyka hob, you can do the same – just weld a frame of steel reinforcement.

There is another type of such stove – burzhuyka on the waste. We strongly recommend that you do not consider this option for the apartment, as the oil waste when burning will create an unpleasant smell and interfere with the free breathing of people in the house.

Keep in mind that making and installing a fireplace is a time-consuming process that not everyone can do. Before you do it, make sure that your actions are rational and safe.

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