Jammed and Won’t Open: How to Unlock the Handle On a Plastic Window

Plastic windows or balcony doors can fail-stop opening or close the way the manufacturer provides. The main thing you should not do in this case – is to apply force and pull the handle of the window or door, otherwise, you will simply break the mechanism.

What to do if the plastic window does not open – the reasons

It is impossible to solve the problem without understanding its causes, so before you try to fix the window, you need to find out what caused the mechanism to fail.

The window does not open, but the handle rotates

Sometimes it happens that the window handle can be turned to any position, but there is no result from this action – the window does not open. Most likely, the reason is the broken fittings. There are two types of such a problem:

  • the handle rotates, but the hardware does not respond – the mechanism that fixes the metal pin is broken, you just have to buy and put in a new handle;
  • the handle works, but the fittings don’t respond – the gearbox is out of order, in this case, it is better to call a specialist.

No other actions should be taken in this case, otherwise, you risk breaking the mechanism at.

The plastic window does not open and does not turn the handle

Another common situation – is when the handle is jammed in the “closed” position, you can not turn it. Here, alas, you can not do without a craftsman, as it is likely that you have a broken knot of strapping mechanism or blocker. You will have to remove the sash to fix the window, and doing it yourself is quite difficult.

Does not open the plastic window on the airing – sag sashes

Sagging of sashes usually occurs due to loose hinges. In this case, the window will open but will cling to the frame, and we will hear a crack or click. You can adjust the hinges, but you must do it correctly and carefully.

Without a master will not work only if there is a factory defect on the plastic windows and the window hinges are chosen incorrectly – it is difficult for them to hold the weight of the IGO. In this case, you should either change the hinges or the insulating glass unit.

What to do if the plastic windows do not close – the reasons

In addition to the fact that windows may not open, they are also capable of not closing when necessary. There may be several reasons for this hidden protest from the seemingly soulless piece of plastic and glass.

The plastic window can’t be closed until the end – the blocker is jammed

The blocker is a spring-loaded mechanism located on the inner end of the active sashes. If it jams, the window will not close, but this problem can be solved, taking into account the peculiarities of failure:

  • you closed the window carelessly – when closing the window, push the locking mechanism and turn the handle;
  • the blocker doesn’t get in a reciprocal part – adjust hinges;
  • The locking component has come apart – push the plate lightly from the outside of the window;
  • The spring of an interlock is broken – change a double-glazed window.

If the plastic window from the ventilation does not close and it jammed in this mode, it could jam the “scissors”. You will have to remove all debris from the problem area and lubricate the mechanism – then the window will close correctly.

Plastic window scissors do not close – jammed in two positions

With the tilt-turn model of windows, this situation happens – the window frame “gets stuck” in two positions at the same time. Happens, for example, because of a hurry – you can both open it for airing and completely. It seems as if the sash is fixed on one hinge and can come off, but it is not so – it is firmly held by “scissors”.

In order to solve this problem, follow a series of simple steps:

  • Press the top of the sash against the frame;
  • Press down on the blocker on the handle side;
  • Hold the locking device and turn the handle all the way up;
  • When you have turned, press the sash to the end;
  • Turn the handle to a horizontal position and close the window.

To avoid such situations in the future, try to open and close windows carefully, so as not to fix them yourself. In case of any serious breakage, contact a technician, so as not to break the MPO permanently.

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