No More Unraveling: What to Do to Keep Your Underwear From Bunching up in Your Duvet Cover

Many housewives know that when washing bedding, especially with other things, they all end up inside the duvet cover. As a result, we get a huge pile of wet things that have to be disassembled.

Why do all the things in the washing machine end up in the duvet cover – the reason

In fact, this is not always the case – it all depends on the design of the washing machine and the washing mode. If the cycle is intense, then vortices are formed inside the drum, which picks up light items and “attracts” them to heavier items. Under the influence of the waves, the duvet cover slots open, all the other items get there, then the drum is rotated and the parts of the fabric are closed.

It is also important to understand that not all duvet covers are affected by the swirls – for example, models made of polyester or silk are too light, but linen or cotton will gladly “swallow” everything in the machine.

Do you wash the duvet cover inside out and does it help?

The fact that your things can get inside the duvet cover is not very sad – the quality of washing is almost unaffected. However, there are still nuances:

  • hard to remove stains – if you have them, then such a wash will not help the case, and you will have to soak the laundry separately;
  • Allergies – from the linen, which remained in the duvet, poorly washed particles of powder, which will cause allergic reactions.

In addition, if you put the machine on spin mode, the laundry, which is inside the duvet, the CMMa will wring out poorly – it will be wetter. This will happen because the machine spins those things that it “sees”, and the clothes inside the duvet cover do not fall into this category.

How to evenly distribute the laundry in the washing machine – tips

In order to quickly solve the problem of laundry that is bunched up in a lump, hostesses use different methods:

  • sew up the duvet cover – not the entire duvet cover, but the slit where things get caught, and after washing and drying, sew it up again;
  • buy rubber bands – fold the “accordion” side with a slit and wrap the rubber band around (great option, but dangerous – rubber band can get stuck in the drain, and you have to disassemble the washing machine and clean it);
  • Sew buttons or insert zippers – close the slot this way is convenient not only for washing but also for sleeping (a blanket will not slip out of the duvet cover);
  • Purchase a laundry bag – made of fine mesh, which does not interfere with laundry, but prevents other things.

Any of these methods will work if you’re tired of pulling the bedding out of the duvet cover every time. You can also use a hotel maid’s tip – connect all the ends of the duvet cover and form a knot. That way you can avoid the problem of crumpled linens and answer your own question of why you should knot the duvet cover.

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