Lose Weight With Coffee? This Is What The Tibet Diet Is All About

For coffee addicts, it sounds almost too good to be true: In the Tibet diet, the most important ingredient is the stimulant. Find out what the trendy diet promises here.

One thing has long been certain: Germans are passionate coffee drinkers. According to the German Coffee Association, each person drinks almost 150 liters of coffee per year in this country – making the pick-me-up the number one favorite drink, ahead of water and beer.

A new diet trend could now additionally strengthen the love for the brown bean: When losing weight with the Tibet diet, coffee is the most important food. Can this really work?

Lose weight with Bulletproof Coffee

The miracle weapon of the Tibet diet is a special coffee preparation method called Bulletproof Coffee. Unlike normal filter coffee, cappuccino, and latte macchiato & Co. this is not only to make awake but to saturate for a long time and thus help to lose weight.

Bulletproof Coffee is a mixture of filter coffee, butter, and coconut oil. The inventor of the diet, Dave Asprey, had the idea for this recipe – which admittedly takes some getting used to at first – during a trip through the Himalayas. At the time, he observed that local Sherpas swear by a typical Tibetan butter tea that gave them seemingly inexhaustible energy reserves.

Back in his homeland, Asprey developed a butter tea-inspired energy drink that he himself claimed helped him on his way to a bodybuilder’s figure. The diet developer used to be overweight and weighed a whopping 136 kilos. The Tibet diet is said to help not only with weight loss: The inventor also praises his product for improved brain performance.

How the Tibet diet works

In the Tibet diet, coffee is supposed to replace breakfast in the morning: Instead of cereal and bread, there is one cup of Bulletproof Coffee. This one cup is supposed to be enough to boost fat burning for the whole day. The body is then supposed to automatically convert all the good fats taken in throughout the day into energy.

According to Asprey, the butter-coconut-coffee mixture is particularly suitable as a booster of other diets, for example in combination with the Paleo or low-carb diet.

If you don’t have time to make Bulletproof Coffee yourself every morning, you can also buy the mixture ready-made.

How else you eat plays an important role in the Tibet diet, of course – as with any other diet. Simply drinking a cup of Bulletproof Coffee once a day is unfortunately not enough to achieve a real weight loss effect. However, as a supplement to a healthy lifestyle, more and more people on social media swear by the unusual coffee diet.

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