Souping: What Does Soup Detox Bring?

Juicing was yesterday – the new detox trend of Souping has long since reached Germany! We reveal more about the health topic of soup detox, which has spilled over from the USA to us.

Are you still sipping smoothies or have you already joined the latest detox trend? After juicing, souping is now becoming increasingly popular among nutrition-conscious people, and here, too, the focus is on a liquid food: soup! It’s supposed to help with weight loss and detoxification – but is souping actually effective?

What is souping?

The Souping concept was the brainchild of two Americans, Angela Blatteis and Vivienne Vella.

They are already big in Los Angeles with their soup company ‘Soupure’, not least because they serve delicious and healthy soups to stars and starlets.

One can follow the trend in addition, completely without the assistance of its two inventresses, its soups to prepare one over the one-week chamfering cure even – naturally with fresh ingredients!

Bag and dose soups with chemical spare materials and taste amplifiers are absolutely taboo.

Vegetables, fruit, nuts, and seeds are permitted, from pure meat and gluten-containing food one to keep away meanwhile.

The menu does not have to and should not become boring during the Soup Detox, after all, there are numerous recipes and ingredients from which the most diverse soups and broths can be conjured up.

Souping: How exactly does it work?

Just like juicing, souping can be done as a cure – from one day a week to programs that last several days, either at regular intervals or merely once a year.

This is to cleanse from the inside, all harmful substances are flushed from the body during soup detox. Souping is therefore more about a healthy and conscious diet than about just losing weight.

It’s as simple as this: You replace every meal of the day with soup over a period of time. If this is too monotonous for you, you can also have juices or smoothies in between meals.

A big hit in souping: bone broth

One of the most important soups in souping is bone broth – a broth that is cooked from beef and chicken bones and is particularly rich in nutrients.

Long cooking is said to release collagens, gelatin, and glucosamine from the bones, which in turn have a positive effect on bones, joints, connective tissue, and digestion.

The minerals contained in Bone Broth can supposedly strengthen bones, intestinal mucosa as well as the body’s own defenses, while the amino acids police and glycine are said to detoxify and provide well-being and healthy sleep.

How healthy is souping?

Souping is all about eating healthy – the pounds are supposed to fall off all by themselves.

The many vegetables that are automatically eaten during the soup detox have numerous health benefits, such as vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and fiber.

Sugar and unhealthy fat, on the other hand, are only consumed in small quantities, which ensures a balanced metabolism and effective digestion.

In this respect, souping is also ahead of the game, because juicing adds a lot of fructose to the body, which in large quantities is not only a calorie bomb but can also put a strain on the kidneys and liver.

Juices also often lack essential fats and proteins, which the body needs to absorb vitamins.

A soup with the right ingredients, however, provides these important substances in sufficient quantities.

All in all, with a varied souping cure, you can steer your diet in a healthy direction and lose weight in an informal way.

For whom is the Soup Detox not suitable?

Sure: If you’re not a fan of soups, then souping becomes a pain.

Some people just like to really chew on food, but not every soup can offer that, and even in recipes with bite-sized ingredients, not everyone is completely satisfied.

Even those who like to have meat on their plate more often will find souping difficult.

Still, ingredients like seeds, nuts, and avocado make great chewy substitutes that also provide healthy fats.

By the way, chewing is also beneficial from a health perspective: studies have shown that it can increase the feeling of fullness, so when doing a soup detox, make sure you don’t just eat liquids.

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Written by Bella Adams

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