There Won’t Be Any More: A Tiphack On How To Remove Water Stains on a Faucet

Water stains on plumbing are a problem that all housewives face. No matter what products you choose, even the most expensive detergent is powerless against hard water.

How to remove stains on the faucet – the best remedies

Before you frantically search for “that” detergent, which will forever rid you of the need to scrub taps to a shine, find out why they are so dirty in the first place. There are probably two reasons:

  • You don’t wipe your fixtures dry after taking a shower or bath;
  • The detergents you use are damaging the material the faucet is made of.

The first problem is solved simply – you need to get in the habit every time after using the bathroom to take a rag and removing water from all surfaces. The second problem is more complicated – here you will have to read the formulas.

First, remember that agents containing hydrochloric, sulfuric, or phosphoric acid contribute to the formation of dark stains on sanitary ware. Secondly, do not mix different detergents – it can lead to unexpected results.

In order to quickly and effectively remove watermarks, you can use:

  • vinegar solution – mix vinegar and water in equal proportions, soak a cloth in the solution, wipe the faucet, then rinse with water and wipe dry with a rag;
  • Citric acid – mix water and citric acid in the proportion 1:4, dip the tap into the solution and leave it for the night, wash it in the morning;
  • laundry soap – grate a bar, dissolve in warm water, add soda, moisten a rag in a solution, wipe the mixer with it, and in an hour rinse with warm water;
  • salt – pour it on a napkin and wipe the faucet.

There is also the question of how to clean the faucet with a water stone if the plumbing is chrome. In this case, it is worth using only laundry soap – all other means may be too aggressive for the royal chrome.

How to remove oxidation from the faucet – a unique method

If you liked any of the methods that we listed above, but you want to keep the perfect result for a long time – write down the original tip hack.

You need to take parchment paper (it is soaked in wax) and rub the faucets with it. After this procedure will leave a thin film of wax on the faucets, on which the water will not stay – just drips down.

Such manipulation can be carried out once a week – after each general cleaning of the bathroom.

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Written by Emma Miller

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