Thrive Diet: Lose Weight With The Vegan Diet Of Hollywood Stars

Sports pro Brendan Brazier swears by it: a vegan diet is healthier, gives more energy, and keeps you young. We get to the bottom of his Thrive diet.

It’s not just celebrities like Alicia Silverstone and Woody Harrelson who avoid animal products in their diets. Ironman Brendan Brazier also swears by purely plant-based cuisine. The Canadian triathlete even conceived his own vegan formula, the Thrive diet, in his best-selling nutrition guide “Vegan in Top Form” (available for €26 from Unimedica Verlag).

What is the Thrive diet?

The book description makes big promises: “The Thrive diet leads to the reduction of body fat and building of muscle mass, increased performance, less stress and cravings for junk food, mental clarity, and better sleep.” But what is this dietary principle actually all about?
Eating vegan – this means not only avoiding meat and fish but any animal products (such as milk and eggs). Nutrition according to this principle consists thus exclusively of plant-based food, which is sufficient according to Brazier, however, in order to supply the body with sufficient proteins and other nutrients. It does not remain, however: Also from certain, allergy-triggering plant products such as wheat, gluten, and soy and you should keep away according to the perseverance sportsman. Sugar and starchy foods are also less advisable, according to Brazier, and he advises against industrially processed convenience foods – even vegan ones! – he advises against. On the other hand, the Canadian swears by superfoods such as the alga chlorella, hemp protein, and the Andean root maca.

Why go vegan?

After years of trial and error, Brazier realized that a vegan diet gave him the most energy. Digesting industrially processed, denatured food takes a lot of energy, so there’s little left over beyond that. On the other hand, with the Thrive diet – consisting of all-vegetable, natural, and unrefined foods – the body needs less energy for digestion, which allows more energy for your daily activities, as well as for your body’s biological cell renewal. Dietary supplements should not be necessary.
Moreover, with the Thrive diet, you are not only doing something good for your body, but also for the environment. Proven to emit less CO2 in the production of vegan food, which is more sustainable.

Thrive diet: Not just for professional athletes

Although Brazier developed the Thrive diet to improve his performance as an athlete and inspired other athletes, anyone can benefit from his lifestyle. Among others, Hollywood star Hugh Jackman outed himself as a fan and even wrote the foreword to Brazier’s book. In it, the actor enthused:

“I’m not yet a vegan, but I’m well on the way to becoming one. The extra energy and deeper sleep Brendan describes have already made an impact. My sugar and salt cravings have greatly decreased, and I even follow his recipes and find them delicious.”

Where can I go for more detailed information?

For more info and recipe suggestions, visit and You can get a sneak peek at a sample of “Vegan in Top Form” at The book itself helps new vegans get started on the Thrive diet (for example, with its 12-week plan) and gives numerous gluten- and soy-free recipe ideas for quick snacks and balanced meals.

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