How to Save Pickles if They Have a Lot of Salt: Tips from Experienced Hostesses

Pickles are easy to make but easy to ruin. Sometimes many of us face a problem and don’t know what to do if pickles are over-salted. It turns out that everything is very simple. It is possible and necessary to save the preserves, you definitely should not throw the pickles away.

What to do if cucumbers are too salty – tips

Cucumbers very quickly absorb salt, and therefore such a problem occurs often. But not all housewives know that cucumbers also quickly give up all the salt if you properly “reanimate” them.

One of the most obvious and simple tips on how to save over-salted cucumbers is to simply use them in dishes where extra salt will come in handy. For example, you can make “Olivier” and simply not salt all the other ingredients, and the cucumbers will “share” the salt and not spoil the salad.

If there are too many cucumbers, however, experienced hostesses advise changing the brine. Just drain the brine and fill the cucumbers with a new one. To do this, add to the boiled water all the spices, except salt, just a few days cucumbers will give excess salt to the water. However, it is worth remembering that such cucumbers should be stored as little as possible, as they can quickly ferment. If you want to remove excess salt from the cucumbers faster, before pouring them in a new brine, cut the edges off them.

How to fix pickled cucumbers – grandma’s recipes

A sweet brine can also save very over-salted cucumbers. Dissolve about 3 tablespoons of sugar in cold water, drain the old brine from the cucumbers, and fill them with sweet water. In 1-2 days, the excess salt will be gone, and the cucumbers will be tasty again.

Housewives also advise saving over-salted cucumbers with vinegar. To do this, make a marinade with sugar and add half a tablespoon of vinegar for every liter of water. Such brine should be heated and pour it over cucumbers, drain the old brine beforehand.

If you over-salted slightly salted cucumbers, they need to be washed and just pour cold water. You can add garlic, herbs, and spices to taste. Most importantly, forget about the salt. If there is too much salt in the pickles, then fill them with sweet warm water, in 2 days they will be tasty again and will give up excess salt.

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