What is the Healthfulness of the Drink: 6 Healthful Properties of the Drink

Karkade tea has a rich vitamin composition and many beneficial properties for the body.

It is made from the dried petals of hibiscus. This healing ruby-colored drink is very popular in Egypt, where the drink has been drunk for several thousand years. There, it is called the “drink of the pharaohs” and is usually drunk cold.

The benefits of carbcade for the blood vessels

The linoleic acid in Carcade helps in the prevention of vascular plaques. Anthocyanins, which give the drink its red color, reduce harmful cholesterol levels and strengthen blood vessels.

Cascade for weight loss

By itself, the use of tea will not help to lose extra pounds, but will greatly simplify and accelerate the process. Scarlet drink normalizes the metabolism, removes excess fluid from the body, and dulls the feeling of hunger.

Tea kartakade and blood pressure

The ability of hibiscus decoction to lower blood pressure has long been known. It is recommended that all hypertensive people drink hibiscus tea regularly. The drink is more effective in lowering the pressure when it is cold, so you should not drink it immediately after brewing it.

Carcade as a sedative

Carcade is essentially not a tea, but a decoction. It does not contain the substance tannin, which is present in tea and has a tonic effect. The hibiscus drink is not invigorating like strong tea, but relaxing. The calming effect of hibiscus tea can be explained by the presence of magnesium, flavonoids, and antispasmodics. It is useful to drink carb cade before going to bed.

The benefits of cascade for the immune system

The rich composition of vitamins and trace elements makes kart-ade a great drink during the cold season when colds are rampant. Carcade is also rich in citric acid, the best aid for colds.

Curcade as a diuretic and choleretic

Flavonoids in the composition of the drink remove toxins from the body, and potassium and sodium normalize the acid-base balance in the body. Cascade is recommended to use as a choleretic and diuretic, with frequent diarrhea, after poisoning, and in general, with a weak state of health.

Contraindications to the use of cascade

Carcade is not good for everyone. There are several contraindications to its use.

  • Carcade can increase the acidity of the stomach, so it is better to drink it after a meal, but not on an empty stomach.
  • It can not be drunk with hyperacidity of the stomach and cholelithiasis, ulcers, and gastritis.
  • You should not drink the drink to people who take hormones.
  • Karkade stimulates the contraction of the uterus and interferes with the maturation of eggs. It is better to give it up to women who want to get pregnant.
  • If you are allergic to any flowers – you should try karkade with caution, because you may also be allergic to hibiscus.
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Written by Emma Miller

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