What to Put in the Oven to Keep the Bottom of Baked Goods from Burning: 6 Tips

A ruddy top and black burnt bottom in baked goods is a common problem for owners of gas stoves, especially older models. This is due to the design of the stove because it is heated from the bottom. Craftsmen have come up with many ways to make the heating in the gas stove more even.

A bowl of water

In order to evenly cook pies, cakes, casseroles, and other baked goods, craftsmen put a large bowl of water under the baking tray. Choose a container that is suitable for baking. The water will take up the excess heat. When using this method, you should periodically look in the oven and check that the water has not boiled over.


This method has a lot of positive feedback on the internet. Take an unwanted baking tray, scatter a thick layer of salt in it, and place it on the lowest level in the oven. The salt makes the oven heat more evenly.

The advantage of this tip is that it is reusable because all you need to do is pour salt into the tray once and it can stay in the oven for years.

Foil on top of baked goods

To keep the bottom of the pies from burning, simply place the baking tray higher up. And to protect the top of the baked goods from the heat, cover them with foil.

Two trays

Another way to save the bottom of baked goods is to bake the food in two baking trays. Simply place an empty second baking tray under the baking tray. It will take up the extra heat.

Old Skillet

Place an old cast iron skillet on the bottom level of the oven that can be heated to high temperatures. The skillet will take the excess heat. This method can be combined with others – pour salt or water on the bottom of the pan.


Brick in the gas oven – not the most elegant, but very effective way to achieve even heating. Many gas stove owners notice that the bottom of pies no longer burns if you put two refractory bricks on the bottom of the oven.

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