What To Do if it Blows from the Window: A Quick Solution to the Problem

Plastic windows are airtight and reliable structures, but even they can start blowing through. This can happen to both new windows and those you installed a long time ago.

Why is it blowing from the windows – the main reasons

Drafting appears because of various problems and before you fight it, it is important to identify the cause of what is happening. It can be:

  • poor installation – poorly planted frame, negligently sealed joints, or insufficient sealing;
  • Cheap profile – if you have a window made of low-budget plastic, it can crack because of frost or temperature changes;
  • lack of sealant – when installing a window, a specialist could use a low-quality insulating material, which will cause a draft;
  • damage to the seals – exhaustion or cracking of the rubbers, as well as lack of maintenance can lead to drafts;
  • sagging of hinges – during the operation of the window, sashes may begin to sag, gaps may form between the sashes and the frame, and, as a result, a draft will appear.

Also, the cause of blowing the windows experts call the improperly adjusted fittings, damage to the foam, and poor installation of window sills.

How to determine where it is blowing from the window – proven methods

In order to quickly understand where exactly unnecessary cold air comes from, you can bring a match or a lighter to the window frame and slowly run it along the perimeter. At the point where the airflow will be detected, the flame will begin to “sway” from side to side. Alternatively, your hand can do the trick – run it over the entire window frame – with the palm of your hand, you will definitely feel a draft.

Fixing Blowing Plastic Windows at Home

When you discover where the cold air is blowing from and why this happens, you will be able to quickly fix the problem. However, it is important to remember that troubleshooting directly depends on the essence of the problem, so, pay attention to the localization of the draft as well:

  • blowing from a plastic window on the hinge side – make sure that the locking device is tightly pressed to the fixing parts;
  • blowing from a plastic window from below near the window sill – seal it with sealant or put a new window unit;
  • blowing from a plastic window around the perimeter of the sash – adjust the mode and adjust the windows;
  • blowing from under the rubber of the plastic window – remove the old seals and replace them with new ones.

To quickly eliminate your own draught, you first need to adjust the window and seal all the gaps with sealant. Additionally, you can glue a film on the inside of the window – it promotes proper thermoregulation and its properties are sometimes comparable to the installation of thicker glass.

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