Remove Lumps and Regain Volume: What to do if the Down in a Down Jacket is Bunched

Winter down jackets and jackets must be washed correctly, otherwise, the filler inside the product can be bunched up in clumps. In this case, you will have to straighten it yourself – it’s difficult but realistic.

Confused down in the jacket – the main reasons

It is no secret that any problem is easier to prevent than to solve later.

Firstly, washing jackets and down jackets should only be gentle mode if it concerns the machine wash. The temperature should not exceed 40 ° C and the number of revolutions – 500-600 maximum. It is also desirable to put tennis balls in the CYA drum during washing so that they constantly whip up the down or sintepon in the process.

How to distribute the down in the jacket after washing – tips

If still our tips did not help or you neglected them, and now you do not know what to do if the down in the down jacket is knocked down, do not worry – everything can still be corrected. To do this, there are proven methods:

  • use tennis balls – put a wet jacket in the machine together with balls (4-5 pcs will suffice) and put the washing machine on spin mode;
  • Arm yourself with a stick – if you do not have balls, you can lay out the down jacket on a flat surface and beat it with a smooth stick (a broom handle, for example);
  • turn on the vacuum cleaner – spread the down jacket on the table, remove the nozzle from the vacuum cleaner, and hose “pass” over the surface of the jacket (the power of the vacuum cleaner must be medium).

There is another method – if after washing the down is crumpled up inside the jacket, you can knead it with your hands. You need to carefully palpate every inch of the down jacket, find the lumps and use your fingers to disassemble them. This will take a lot of time, but in the absence of other options, this option is considered quite workable.

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