What To Plant Instead of Velvets: 5 Beautiful and Unpretentious Alternatives

Velvets are bright, neat, and unpretentious flowers. They are often planted to decorate the garden, and they also ward off all kinds of insects and pests. However, not only velveteen can do this – there are other flowers that do not just decorate the bed. We will tell you what to plant instead of velvet plants in the flowerbed, in the garden, or in the garden.


This flower is also called pyrethrum daisy – because of the external similarity. But pyrethrum is larger and more colorful than chamomile.

An unpretentious and mostly perennial plant that looks good in flower gardens: pyrethrum can be used as border flowers, or can be planted near a pergola or terrace. Pyrethrum leaves emit an aroma similar to that of wormwood, and the flower itself repels aphids, spider mites, and apple moths.


Calendula, or marigolds, are prized for their beauty and blooming until frost. Also, calendula is known for many useful properties – for example, it helps in the treatment of diseases of the internal organs, and the nervous system. Therefore, the flowers are collected and dried to make them useful decoctions. In the garden and in the garden calendula saves plants from grey rot, aphids, and mites, scaring off pests with its pungent smell.

Instead of marigolds, you can plant calendula of these varieties: “Patio”, “Sunset”, “Lemon Twist”, “Calypso”, and “Sun Goddess”. Plant calendula is better in sunlit areas, it should be watered occasionally and weeded periodically.


This is a plant with bright yellow, resembling early dandelion-like flowers. Common tansy grows along roads, in fields, and on lawns, so it is often perceived as a weed. But this is not the case.

Pizhma is rich in essential oils and has many beneficial properties, and its scent repels mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and flies. Pizhma will look interesting in a field-style flower bed.


A beautiful flower with a delicate fragrance. Petunia in a pot often decorates verandas and terraces, but in the garden, it is not often planted. And for good reason.

Petunia is not only pleasant to look at, but also useful: its smell attracts crickets, aphids, cicadas, and other insects. The pests crawl inside and become trapped, sticking to the tufts moistened with the juice of the plant. Petunias literally eat insects, even though they appear to be completely harmless flowers.


A noble lavender is a decorative feature in any garden. It is small, gentle, aromatic, and has long flowering.

The smell of lavender soothes the nervous system. Fleas, moths, mosquitoes, and flies cannot stand it. Plant lavender in a flowerbed in the garden or outside your house and you will repel unwelcome guests. By the way, lavender can also be planted as a border flower. A lavender garden is believed to ward off evil spirits.

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