When To Dig Potatoes in September: Tips and Good Days on the Lunar Calendar

All gardeners begin to dig potatoes at different times – it depends on the variety of crops, weather, schedule of application of fertilizers, etc. Often, potatoes are harvested in early September – this time is traditionally considered the most successful.

When best to dig potatoes – important nuances

Experienced gardeners and vegetable growers know that too early or late harvesting can lead to a complete loss of the crop. The fact is that potatoes, which were dug early, must be consumed as soon as possible, otherwise, they will spoil. With thin skin, it is susceptible to any damage, so while in the cellar, it will rot and be covered with mold, infecting other stocks.

In addition, the more you delay harvesting, the greater the chances of hypothermia and damping of the haulm. In such conditions, you will not be able to find bushes with potatoes quickly – you will have to act intuitively. The main rule is to harvest potatoes and put them in storage in dry weather, otherwise, the stock will rot.

When to harvest potatoes – folk traditions

August-September is considered the most successful time to harvest potatoes. By this time the tubers will have already taken all the substances they need and will be ready to leave the fertile soil. In order to understand when you can dig potatoes for the winter, take a few tubers out with a shovel and look at their condition. You should see the following:

  • The skin of the potato is dense and does not lag behind the root crop;
  • The potatoes themselves can easily be separated from the tops;
  • The tops are drying and yellowing.

If all three signs are present, you can safely dig out the potatoes. For now, there is no need to think about when to dig potatoes if the tops are green – the harvest from these plantings can be harvested in the second half of September.

How to dig deep into the potatoes – tips and recommendations

Preparing for the harvest is no less important than the actual digging of potatoes. A week before hour X, you need to mow and burn the tops, and on the appointed day arm yourself with a pitchfork (you should not use a shovel, otherwise you say goodbye to your back):

  • stick the pitchfork into the ground at a distance of about 15-20 centimeters from the base of the bush;
  • gently turn the ground with it;
  • shake the soil from the edges of the hole;
  • separate the potatoes into whole and damaged roots.

Before storing the dug potatoes, they should be dried in the shade and sorted to remove damaged tubers. Then put the selected root crops in boxes or bags and leave them in a cool place for a week – during this time the infected copies will show themselves, and we can get rid of them.

When to dig potatoes according to the lunar calendar in September

Astrologers and numerologists say the best time to dig potatoes is September 1-5, 7-12, 15-21, 23-26, and 29-30. If you consider this information and the above rules, you will definitely be able to harvest a rich and high-quality harvest for the winter.

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