Boost Immune System: These 6 Supplements Really Help

In Corona times, many want to do more for their immune system. However, there is a lot of fake news about this. Our expert reveals which dietary supplements strengthen the immune system.

What can I do to strengthen my immune system? This is a question each of us is currently asking ourselves. general practitioner, dr. Dierk Heimann explains which dietary supplements we can use to arm our defenses against bacteria and viruses. However, it should be noted that these are general tips for strengthening the immune system and not specifically for warding off coronaviruses. Due to the novelty of the virus, studies are still pending in this regard.

1. Strengthen the immune system with vitamin C or zinc?

A commonly mentioned immune system supplement is vitamin C. But does taking man-made vitamin C help, or is zinc a better choice? What strengthens the immune system?

That’s what the expert says: “Vitamin C is cited again and again, but it’s probably of no use in prevention. What seems to help a bit is zinc, it seems to help. There are studies on that.”

2. Green tea strengthens the immune system

The findings regarding green tea are relatively new. The ingredients of the tea are said to help strengthen the immune system and even ward off viruses.

This is what the expert says: “The effectiveness of green tea has been proven. A study from Japan has shown that people who drink a relatively large amount of green tea can even ward off real flu viruses.”

3. Vitamin D helps the immune system

Vitamin D not only helps to increase the serotonin level in the dark season but should also be able to activate the body’s defenses.

The expert says: “The small daily dose of vitamin D can support the immune system.”

4. Rockrose repels viruses

Little is known that cistus extracts are said to help prevent viral diseases since the medicinal plant naturally strengthens the immune system.

The expert says: “The cistus can be proven to help prevent viruses. The plant has been used to boost the immune system for hundreds of years. It is a plant from the Mediterranean region and is available from us as a dietary supplement. However, it has not yet been proven whether rockrose is effective against COVID-19.”

5. Mustard oils protect against bacteria

The consumption of foods that contain mustard oil is also said to have a positive effect on the immune system.

Dietary supplements with mustard oils are also used as a means of strengthening the immune system.

The expert says: “Foods that contain a high proportion of mustard oils, such as nasturtium and horseradish, have an antibacterial effect in particular. Some foods containing mustard oil also have an antiviral effect. Extracts are more concentrated than the food”

6. Echinacea for the body’s defense against viruses

The immune-boosting effect of the dietary supplement Echinacea has been denied in recent years. The herbal preparation has now been rehabilitated and is even said to have an antiviral effect.

The expert says: “Echinacea was discredited for a few years. But it seems to help antivirally. There are already studies on this.”

There are therefore six different dietary supplements that strengthen the immune system and therefore have a positive effect on the body’s defenses. However, it is unclear whether taking it can also prevent the coronavirus, as there are no studies to date.

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