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Fatigue was the subject of the Iowa Breakfast study from the USA. It delivers the clear result: Those who have had breakfast perform significantly better and do not tire as quickly. Skipping breakfast led to a decrease in work performance by more than 30 percent in the subjects.

The ability to react and concentrate decreased significantly and the energy leaks were sometimes so severe that the participants had tremors.
The second result of the study: It is not only important that we eat, what is important is what we eat. These three breakfast options guarantee a balanced energy balance:

Breakfast variant against tiredness: The power drink for breakfast grouches

Ingredients: 1 small banana, 100 g berries, 2 tbsp melted flakes, 250 ml milk, 1 tsp honey. Preparation: Puree the fruit with the milk and stir in the melted flakes. Sweeten with honey to taste. Effect: The milk provides the filling protein and a bit of fat, and the flakes as well as the fruit for glucose – this guarantees concentration and performance for three to four hours.

Breakfast variant against tiredness: The best muesli mix: 250 g fine oat flakes

They provide energy, and their fiber lowers cholesterol levels. 100 g coarse spelled flakes. 30 g ground flaxseed (fiber fills you up and regulates digestion). Plus 50 g roasted soybean kernels (their protein provides extra energy). Muesli-Plus: 50 g seed mix of pumpkin, sunflower and pine nuts (better concentration). In addition 20 g walnut kernels (supply optimal fatty acids for the brain and heart). This base mix is ​​enough for about 15 servings. Add 1 chopped apple plus milk, yogurt, or kefir.

Breakfast variant against tiredness: scrambled eggs with tomatoes, fresh herbs on wholemeal bread

This breakfast provides lycopene as well as vital substances and roughage plus high-quality protein for energy metabolism.

These foods also help with fatigue

Mate tea
The best anti-fatigue remedy comes from sports medicine: mate tea. Tests show: The energy drink not only wakes us up, but it also increases our performance by 20 percent. And works for up to four hours – significantly longer than coffee.

Apricots contain higher amounts of quercetin (Q10), which scavenges free radicals and supports immune cell production. Its salicylic acid has an antibacterial effect and can kill germs. Dried apricots are four times more effective: just three apricots provide us with energy for two hours. By the way: The (crushed) seeds provide valuable vitamin B17, the best cancer protector.

Pasta and bread make you tired, while magnesium wakes you up
Anyone who constantly suffers from tiredness and feels exhausted should do the following test: Simply do without pasta, bread, and biscuits for a few days. Because many people suffer from gluten intolerance without even knowing it. And gluten is considered one of the biggest energy thieves.

Another trigger for chronic fatigue is magnesium deficiency. The nutrient is indispensable for the maintenance of all bodily functions – and for a balanced energy budget. And: If we suffer from a magnesium deficiency, our body can no longer utilize other active ingredients (vitamin C, for example, is excreted unused without a sufficient amount of magnesium). For a balanced energy budget, we need to consume 300 mg of magnesium every day. Water-soluble preparations from the pharmacy are useful.

Lack of water makes you tired

Tiredness during the day often has a very simple background: we drink too little. The results of a study by Charité Berlin surprised even the researchers: 82 percent of the subjects who felt tired, exhausted, and lacking in energy suffered from a chronic lack of water. After just half a liter of water, the body’s energy depots were replenished and energy expenditure doubled.

A simple test shows whether our body is sufficiently supplied with this source of energy: place one hand palm-down on a table and use the thumb and forefinger of the other hand to pull up the skin on the back of the hand. Release and observe how the skin fold behaves. If it stays visible for more than ten seconds, you are not drinking enough.

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