Build Your Own Popcorn Machine – Here’s How

Build your own popcorn machine: this is what you need

  • Two empty cans, for example, Coke cans: Slim, high cans that fit a tea light well are best.
  • Three tea lights: For the popcorn machine you need the power of three tea lights in one. You can find out how this works in the next paragraph.
  • Scissors: You will need scissors to cut the cans with. Do not use very expensive scissors for this, as they quickly become blunt when cutting sheet metal.
  • A sharpie or something similar: You need a suitable pen to mark the cuts on the can.

Build your own popcorn machine: instructions

  1. Draw an elongated rectangle on the first can. It should be about two centimeters above the bottom of the can, this is where the corn will later be poured in and come out as popcorn.
  2. On the second can, draw a horizontal line down the middle of the can. Then mark two rectangular slits on opposite sides of the can as oxygen supply for the tea light.
  3. Now cut out the rectangle on the first can along the lines on three sides. At the top line, fold the rectangle diagonally upwards. The popcorn should later jump against this flap and end up in the bowl below.
  4. Cut the second can in half along the center line. You only need the bottom half. Also, cut out the air slots.
  5. Now make a few vertical cuts two to three centimeters long on the edge of the can, about 1.5 centimeters apart. Fold the strips inwards. This is where the other box will be placed later.
  6. Now take the three tea lights and remove them from the aluminum bowl. Drill two holes in one of the tea lights, to the right and left of the wick.
  7. Remove the wicks from the other tea lights and thread them into the first. This gives you more power for your popcorn machine.
  8. Place the tea light in the prepared tin and light it. Put the second can on top of that. Place a bowl under the opening.
  9. Fill the top can with corn and some oil – within a few minutes the first popcorn will pop into the bowl.

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