Can Spices Go Bad? You Should Know That

Spices can go bad. Only with proper storage, you can use them for a long time. Find out everything about the shelf life of spices here.

If stored incorrectly, spices can go bad

Try to use up your spices before they expire.

  • Many spices lose their taste as soon as they have passed the BBD. This is especially the case with ground spices in powder form.
  • Nevertheless, you can still use many of your spices if they have passed the BBD. Nutmeg or cloves, for example, remain aromatic for a long time.
  • Some spices can even last months or years past their expiration date. In such cases, you should check the spices carefully.
  • When spices come into contact with moisture, they quickly go moldy. If any of your spices go moldy, you need to discard the entire mass.
  • Dried herbs are often attacked by fruit flies. Even then, the spices are no longer edible.

This way your spices will last longer

If you store everything correctly, your spices will stay aromatic for a long time.

  • It is best to put your spices in a jar and seal it airtight with a screw cap.
  • Then place your spice jars on a light-protected shelf. Make sure that no moisture can get into the glasses to prevent mold.
  • Also protect your spices from heat, for example by not placing them too close to your stove. Otherwise, you will quickly lose their aroma.
  • If you want to store your spices outside of a cupboard, you should use an opaque container.

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