Can You Eat Corn Raw?

If you want to eat corn raw, you should of course also know what health effects the vegetable has on your body. You should also know the differences between the feed variant and the sugar vegetable.

Corn – worth knowing about vegetables

If you want to eat corn raw, you should know that fodder corn is grown in the fields here. Of course, you can also eat it raw yourself, but only if you have reached milk maturity.

Vegetable corn (sweet corn), on the other hand, can be eaten either raw or cooked. The difference to fodder corn lies in the sugar content, which fodder corn lacks. The fodder corn only has starch. The husk of the feed corn is also thicker.

Of course, the sugar-rich vegetable also has a healing effect, just like any other vegetable or fruit . For example, eating raw sweetcorn can relieve cystitis. The vegetable also helps with gout, as well as with kidney inflammation, kidney colic, heart dropsy, rheumatism or obesity. You can even eat corn raw to treat edema, so that one or the other ailment is alleviated. If you suffer from swelling in the tissue, the consumption of the vegetable also has a positive effect.

Shell the sweetcorn and eat it raw

  1. If you want to eat sweetcorn raw and you bought it from the market as a cob, for example, you should first remove the fibrous leaves that surround the cob.
  2. Then, after removing the leaves, pull the threads off.
  3. To make it easier for you to eat the raw corn on the cob, you should now take a knife and cut off the thick cob end and the cob tip. In this way you can also remove any threads that may still be present.
  4. Now you can either pull the corn kernels off the cob with your fingernails or lift the kernels out with a blunt tip of a knife.

Whether you use the corn as a salad ingredient (raw or cooked), eat it as a cooked side dish with meat, fish, poultry , etc., grill it in the form of a cob, or choose it as a soup or stew side dish is of course up to your personal taste.

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